Career Tips From Editor In Chief Sophie Donelson

Sophie Donelson is the editor in chief of House Beautiful, the perfect magazine for every Career Girl who likes planning their dream house or getting tips and ideas on their next decorating project.…

4 Career Mistakes You SHOULD Make By The Time You’re 30

Time heals all wounds, and will hopefully helps everyone forget about the mistakes you made in your first job. You learn more from failure than you do from success, and here at Career…

6 Things You Should Do To Successfully Work From Home

The past summer, I had five days to write a novel which will be published in summer 2016. Before I couldn’t have imagined writing a novel in such a short period of…

How To Stay Sane When You Work More Than One Job

Whether it’s school and a part-time job, a full-time job and an internship, or you’ve got a side hustle going on, many career girls work outside the 9-5. Sometimes it can be nice…

4 Genius Ways You Can Make More Money

If you’re between jobs or are strapped for cash, don’t sell your clothes or rack up your credit card debt—get a side gig to bring in more money! There are many ways…

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