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The Wonders of Turkey You Really Should See

If the only turkey you know is the winged bird that graces the Thanksgiving table each Autumn, you are seriously missing out. Ancient ruins, myths, and culture are calling out from one of the world’s oldest countries.  Walk the same streets as some of the greatest martyrs and visit the wonders you’ve read about in history books.  There are thousands of years …

Don't miss: Top 10 Gorgeous Greek Islands To Visit

Don’t miss: Top 10 Gorgeous Greek Islands To Visit

We’re dreaming of crystal waters and fine sand, of wandering amongst the amazing architecture and taking hazy holiday snaps while fanning ourselves with a tourist information leaflet. Hmm, it almost became real for a second then. Until our travelling dreams become real, let’s fantasise over these ten stunning Greek islands.   Top 10 Gorgeous Greek Islands To Visit

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Wanderlust Saturday: Top 8 Things To Do In Indonesia

Indonesia is located on the equator between Asia and Australia. Home to more than 17,0o0 islands including Bali, Java, Flores and Lombok, Indonesia is ethnically diverse with over 300 native languages spoken. Here are some of the must-see attractions and locations to visit to ensure your time spent in Indonesia is simply the best. #1 Visit Jakarta The metropolis, home …

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Caribbean Resorts!

Do you have summer plans already? We at CGD can’t wait to lay on a white beach in our fab bikini, magazine in one hand and a delicious cocktail in the other. One of my favourite Holiday destinations is the Caribbean! Friendly people, wonderful beaches and amazing food. I’ve made a list with the top 10 most beautiful resorts in …


Fly Away Friday: 4 Beautiful Arab Countries

Arabian nights, good food, a rich culture and beautiful landscape deserts, there is absolutely no reason not visit this part of the world. In the CGD HQ we always dream away with all those beautiful destinations in the world and this week these 4 fairy tail countries made us want to pack our suitcase immediately and book the first plane …