Fix Your #Shelfie: 5 Sizzling Books You NEED To Read This Summer


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Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a good book – I am ready for summer. With the warmer months fast approaching, I cannot wait to grab a cocktail, lay on the beach and soak up the sun while getting lost in a great novel.

It’s hard to say what makes a beach read – be it a trashy romance or suspense-filled thriller, or a heartbreaking tearjerker that has you sobbing on your sunbeds. Just perhaps, it is all of these and more. A vacation, for many of us, provides a rare opportunity to read and read without any guilt or distractions. So if you are in need of some reading inspiration, maybe try out one of these page-turners for that hint of escapism and relaxation.

1. ‘Me Before You’ By Jojo Moyesmebeforeyou

As a rule, I try to read the book before the film – and this little gem with all the emotions escaped my net back in 2012. With the movie adaption coming out, which looks amazing, I am thinking a lazy sunny day might be the perfect time to catch up before going to the cinema. ‘Me Before You‘ is a romance novel that takes you on the journey of Lou and Will and their encounter . . . neither of them knowing their lives will change dramatically.

2. ‘The Girls’ By Emma Cline


‘The Girls’ first appeared on my radar after receiving praise from one of my girl-crushes, Lena Dunham, and is more of a book to sink your teeth into. It follows the life of 14-year-old Evie, with all its drama and passion, told from the perspective of middle-aged Evie as she looks back on that summer in the 60s. I have a feeling this could be the talked-about book this summer.

3. ‘A Wife Of Noble Character’ By Yvonne Georgina Puig

If you fancy a comedy but with a twist, A Wife Of Noble Character might be the one for you! With a whole lot of satire, the story follows a group of thirtysomethings, their loves, and friendships, while navigating Houston’s high-powered, money-hungry elite. Trust me, ‘A Wife of Noble Character’ will have you chuckling but from a unique perspective.

4. ‘Invincible Summer’ By Alice Adams

The name alone is very fitting for those summer vibes really. A tale of four friends and their summers for twenty years. At the heart, this book is about how people change and try to keep their relationships intact. An easy, light read that isn’t trashy.

5. ‘You Will Know Me’ By Megan Abbott

If you love the suspense and mystery of a thriller, this book has those things aplenty. Megan Abbott is a personal fave author. Do you know that feeling of absolute dread you get in your stomach? Well, Megan Abbott is the master that feeling. ‘You Will Know Me’ is a crime-thriller about the world of gymnastics and the rumors that surround it. Who knew gymnastics could be so terrifying?


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