CHALLENGE The World’s Beauty Ideals: Albino Woman Who Was Bullied Becomes A Model ”I Am Just A Different Shade Of Normal”

Thando Hopa is a  25-year old professional lawyer from Johannesburg, who has entered the modelling world in the hope that she can change everyone’s attitude towards albinism and to challenge the perceptions of conventional beauty in this world.

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She has been bullied, spat on and people always made her feel like she was an outsider. When she realised that beauty is a decision, she found her self-confidence and decided that no matter what people say, she chose to be beautiful.

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”I eventually decided beauty is a decision and I am going to be beautiful despite what people say. My tagline now is “a different shade of normal” – Thando Hopa


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”My parents had tried hard not to make me feel different but when I went to school kids started acting very awkwardly towards me. They would call me names and as time progressed I noticed people who were older would do things I wouldn’t understand.” 

With the support of her family and friends, she wouldn’t let other people’s opinions hold her back. She worked hard, became a lawyer and now also has done several shoots and walked numerous designer runways.

We, the CGD team, love this story and hope that all girls know that no matter what other people say to you: you are beautiful, but you need to choose to acknowledge it yourself.

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