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If you want to change your life for the better in just four weeks then you need start with an action plan. But I get it, don’t worry, I’ve been there – making huge improvements to your lifestyle in just four weeks sounds a little ambitious, but it does not sound impossible.

Because truthfully, it’s simpler than it sounds. And all it takes is for you to dedicate fifteen minutes of your morning, where you can sit down, evaluate your life and actively note where you need to make improvements. But, first, you need to be motivated to make this happen.

I used to be that girl that was full of ideas and plans but would never actually get round to executing them. The next day I would have forgotten all about it and moved onto my next venture, and while life was moving forward, I was not. And there came a point, where disorganization overwhelmed me and I was forced into doing something.

So, the first thing I did was buying myself an inspirational daily planner that would give me the motivation to stay on track. I’ve always loved stationery, and as a writer, I’ve lived my life in and out of notebooks, diaries, planners etc. For me, they inspire and motivate me to put my big plans into action, it’s like I’m almost being held accountable.

And the one planner that I found really helps me with that is The Getting Things Done Planner, which is specifically designed to help you get every area of your life back on track. Thousands of girls around the world are changing their lives with it – even successful women swear by it! So, today I’m going to show you how I used it to get more organized and how I break my day down into manageable chunks that makes me more productive.


1. Start every day inspired

You’ll never be able to complete your goals without being inspired, it’s as simple as that. You need to feel motivated to achieve your goals before you can make them happen. You can have the best intentions in the world, but you’ll fail if you’re not willing to stay inspired and give yourself a daily boost of motivation.

Our solution: When you open your Getting Things Done Planner ready to start your day you will instantly see the box of inspiration at the top of the page. Write down a quote that inspires you, or even your own words that will motivate you to get things done.


2. Create the ultimate to-do list

I’m pretty sure you’re used to making to-do lists by now, but are they effective? We know that to-do lists can go on forever! And sometimes, we can’t achieve all the things we hope to do! You’ve got to be smart with what you’re writing down on paper, which means you can’t just write everything and hope you’ll tick it off. If you’re working towards large goals and dreams, break them into manageable chunks.

Our solution: Make your plan for the day and list your top to-do. Here is the where the fun begins. The Getting Things Done planner contains a lined section for your high priority to-do list, so organize your tasks in order of importance. And only include your tasks for the day – not for the week! With this daily planner, we will help you take it day by day so you can be as productive as possible!



3. Keep track of your health

As Career Girls, we know it can get a little busy. And when it comes to your health goals, they may take a back seat. Sometimes, it’s just easier to eat when you can, and what you can. But, as we want to live a healthier life in 2018 it means we have to plan and prepare.

Our solution: We know nothing happens overnight, that’s why we encourage you to take it day by day, one step at a time. On the right-hand side of the page, you can fill in your meals for the day, or plan them ahead for the week. That way you will always keep track of your goals!

4. Remember everything you need to do

Organization isn’t just about being in control of your work life. It’s about your personal life too – and we know the importance of this. Because, we know it’s easy to forget and put off looking after yourself, which consequently, is not the healthy thing to do!

Our solution: We’ve created a section where you can keep track of your water intake to remind you to drink the required amount every day. Underneath it, you can list your self-care notes and even plan your workouts ahead of time. Keep on top of your expenses with a section to list them and even be reminded of the groceries you have to pick up on your way home!

Tracking your goals and habits for just 4 weeks makes them more likely to become part of a lifestyle. So if you’re trying to pick up some new habits, find out more about the Getting Things Done planner here.



Do you use a planner to become more organized?



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