How To Change Your Negative Mood Into A Positive One In Under A Minute



Wouldn’t it be lovely to wake up every morning in a great mood, hair on point and you actually manage to get to work on time? Oh, we can only dream! Sometimes, we do wake up on the wrong side of the bed, we do miss our train and on top of it all, the weather’s not so shiny. But, I don’t have to tell you that letting these small things put you in a mood will only make your day more of a struggle! So, we’re going to help you keep that frown upside down with these six tips that will help you change your mood quickly!

1. Remember who’s in charge

Sometimes, outside factors just cannot be helped, but if there’s one thing you can do is change how you react to them. You can make a choice, allow it to affect your mood negatively or, not let it affect you at all. Remember, you’re the one in charge. You’re in control of your body and how you run it. And it can be as simple as flipping a switch. Choose to be happy – and in the first minute of that choice, you’ll instantly start to feel better.

2. Know that it can always get worse

I’ve been there, I’ve worked for twelve hours, then went to an event, not had a chance to eat, fell off a bus twice then had to deal with my phone dying when I was about to book an Uber. These things happen, more often than not! But the way I try to get over it as quickly as possible is just to laugh at it and remember that it can always be worse. No matter what life throws at you, just think it could be ten times worse. When you learn to be grateful that you were able to even be here today to experience it all you begin to have a new outlook on life.

3. Look at what makes you happy

It’s easy for your mood to drop quickly when you’re feeling down or stressed. That’s why it’s important to slow down and remember all the positive things going on in your life right now. When we’re feeling down, it’s so easy to concentrate on the negative and not on what actually makes you happy. So, think of a childhood memory, or a date you have next week and your mood should start to shift.

4. Have a chat

Whenever I feel a little slumped I call up my mom, or I call up my friends and just vent! This is so good for getting everything off of your chest and feeling more positive. But, this is not so easy to do when you’re in the office. So,  I just imagine the conversation instead and it really works. But, if you prefer to speak to a real person, just save it for your lunch break and unload!

5. Take a minute

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and it’s all a bit too much, just take a second to yourself. Don’t look at anything and pull yourself away from your current situation. Begin to evaluate your surroundings, find out what’s causing you the stress and plan to overcome it. Stepping back really helps me move forward. Even spending some minutes focusing on your breathing will really help too!

6. Get active

I can tell you this a hundred times and it doesn’t lose its value. Be active and you’ll naturally feel uplifted. You’ll know by now that any exercise releases happy hormones, so if you just take ten minutes to jump up and down (yes, jump up and down) whilst listening to some music you won’t believe the effects.

7. Find something green

Apparently, the color green has been proven to also improve your mood. Green is thought to relieve stress and help you heal. So, throw a green scarf on, look a green-eyed stranger in the eye, or if you’re out and about look around and find some trees or a green area. Sounds strange but it will definitely calm your thoughts!


What do you usually turn to when you need to change your mood?


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  1. Oh yeah, I was just reading the other day about the effect of green on headache intensity and the cone receptors in human eyes. Interesting enough I find the end of this article this morning.

  2. This is such a powerful message. We do have a choice in how negativity affects us and although it can take some work to get to a point where you truly can flick that switch, it is worth putting in the effort. Great post!

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