Cheer Up: 14 Things To Do When You’re Having A Bad Day

Bad days happen. A job interview that went bad, a broken laptop  (that means everything to you), stepping in dog poop on the way to a date—yes that sucks. We can’t get rid of an annoying co-worker (sorry) or buy you a new laptop, but we do have some sweet suggestions for improving your mood a little..

 14 Things To Do When You’re Having A Bad Day

1. Take a long relaxing bath. It can help you relax and reduce stress. Read our article: 9 steps to the ultimate relaxing bath

2. Watch your favourite tv series, Friends or SATC!

3. No one promised life would be perfect. “If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.” -Leo Tolstoy

4. Watch a Disney movie. What better way to cheer up than to watch movie from your childhood.

5. Turn on some music and dance in your living room.

6. Smile. It has biological effects on your brain, helping you feel better. Smile with your whole face. Even if you don’t feel like it.

7. Take a walk. Exercise clears your mind and even increases those feel-good endorphins.

8. Have some chocolate. Dark chocolate helps your brain release endorphins and serotonin, an anti-depressant and reduces cortisol levels. Binging isn’t healthy no matter how bad your mood is, unfortunately.

9. Meditate for 15 minutes. It’s a great stress-relief technique, which makes it perfect on a bad day. Spend 15 minutes focusing on your breath.

10. Turn off your phone. Being constantly available stresses you out. So turn off your phone and read a book or meditate.

11. Write about what’s bothering you and then write something you are grateful for. This is a great way to release stress and anxiety since it helps you get things off your chest in a safe way.

12. Sniff certain scents. Inhaling the scent of orange or lavender can reduce anxiety and improve your mood.

13. Hang out with a pet. Cuddling, playing, or just chillin’ with your pet can help us feel happier and less stressed.

14. Call someone you love. We all have someone who can always cheer us up.

These are just a few ideas to turn a bad day around. What helps you get out of a funk when you’re feeling down?

Featured image: SATC 2

  • Emma

    Number 9 is a great one. I’m trying to make time to meditate a few times a week. There’s some really good guided meditations on Youtube that you can just plug your headphones in to and switch off.

    Great post!


  • Rachel

    I really loved this post and it was exactly what I needed to read today. When I feel down and sad a hug with my little dog Heidi always makes me feel happy and relaxed. A long bath helps and I should do it more often! x x x

    Beyond The Velvet | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  • Nina

    I love this post, cuddling and playing with my dog always make me happy!
    The only question I would ask is where are the other six tips?

  • Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

    Exercising, cuddling, and cleaning are the best stress relievers for me! Especially cleaning. I feel like my mind just re-organizes while I’m working.

    Kindness is the best accessory,
    Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

  • Jess

    Perfect! I love long hot baths when I’m feeling down and writing about what’s upsetting you really helps to take things off your mind. Great post!


  • Lauren

    I totally agree with Disney films – you can’t help but be transported to an amazing time in your life. Relaxing and taking time out works so much too :)

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  • Natalie

    This is such a lovely post! Sitting on the sofa with a hot drink, chocolate, dog and Disney movie is the perfect combination to relax. Who says you have to be a child to love a Disney movie?

  • Jenna

    This is such a good post! I always have bad days, we all do. Watching my favourite tv show or a disney film always cheers me up!

    Jenna xx


    So useful =)

    Thank you =)))

  • Coco

    Thank you for the positive vibes! A bath and a Disney movie are on my list too!
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog – Valeria Arizzi

  • Lilian Brennan

    I love to relax by spending time with the animals. I also like to paint my nails. Any little thing where I am taking time out to focus on myself really improves my mood.

  • Helena

    Thanks for sharing ❤️ will keep these in mind! My favourite thing to do when I’m feeling down is to be in nature. Nothing feels more soothing to me than that.

  • Maryshoppings

    Cuddling my pet! :-)

  • Gemma Carey

    Great tips! I think I need to learn to turn my phone off more!

  • alice

    Having chocolate is definitely my way of cheering myself up, just seems to work wonders everytime, I am a little addicted though!

    alice x | beautybyalicee | bloglovin’

  • Cheryl

    LOVE no.5, this reminds me of Grey’s Anatomy! LOVE rocking out to a tune like a crazy women! Also no.10 this feels SO liberating!

  • Johnna Green

    Turn off your phone is a great one and of course workout! here is a arm workout video you can do on the spur of the moment even if you don’t have arm weights

  • Emily

    I love these tips! My favourite way to feel better is a long hot bubble bath with a few drops of lavender- or going for a walk along the beach :)
    Emily xx
    Emily May Designs

  • Izzie Anderton

    All great advice… number 5 is most definitely my favourite!

  • Jealsea

    Very nice post and inspiring blog! :) Keep up the great work, I’m a fan!

    Those are some really nice tips. I love the cup from Beauty and The beast, I even wanted to buy one for my friend for her 18th birthday hehe x) so good!

    xo Ana ♥

  • Ashley Quehe

    Love this! Pretty sure I do all 14 tips … Does that mean I am too stressed LOL!
    A Condo To A Home

  • ~ Carmen ~

    Mmm I love sniffing lavender. It’s so soothing.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  • Clare

    Amazing tips as always! After a stressful day at work i need all of the above!

    Clare |

  • jade

    amazing post !!!

    would love to know your thoughts on my new post Jadiee’sLittleBlog



    Have a nice day


  • Maria

    Hello I like your list :-)
    And also, I love the cup at the photo :-)
    Do you know where to bye it?


  • Adela

    TV series and chocolate are the winners!! You just forget about everything when you get lost in your favorite TV are in their world then :) And chocolate is my cure for everything.. :D great tips! xo

  • keely ashton

    LOVE this post! I really needed to read this! So many great ideas I need to execute. Thank you! Can’t wait to read more on your site!

    Keely |

  • Alexandra

    I find this post so inspirational! Great ideas to follow. Thanks! Have a nice day!

  • Lanae Bond

    These are some great tips that are useful for a bad day. I can this putting a smile on someone’s place!

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  • Jeffrey

    i have to punch something

  • lucy prosser

    This is the perfect thing to read today because I’ve woken up very ill. Thanks for sharing :)

    Lucy xoxo

  • Cinnamon

    These are nice ideas, maybe I’ll try them.
    But I wouldn’t necessarily recommend smiling, whatever the positive effect on the brain might be. When I’m sad and I make myself smile, I feel really upset that I can’t just smile – that I have to make myself smile.