Chloe Moretz Learned An Important Lesson From Fighting With The Kardashians



Sometimes we want to just tell everyone to be friends and get along! But that’s not how the world works, and there will always be people who get on your nerves and rub you up the wrong way. For Chloe Moretz, those people are the Kardashians.

Things got a little heated on Twitter (aka the best place for celebrities to fight) when Kim Kardashian shared a nude selfie a while back, and Chloe tweeted “I truly hope you realize how important setting goals are for young women. Teaching them we have so much more to offer than just our bodies.”

Fair point, Chloe. But I think Kim (and other celebrity women) have the right to control their own nudes, especially after so many were hacked and forcefully shared. And empowering women to love their bodies is a great move, too. Maybe Kim should take some time to empower women in business, and women with goals, as well as women who love their naked selfies? I’m not sure. In any case, this row wasn’t swiftly resolved.

Kim tweeted back, “Let’s all welcome @ChloeGMoretz to twitter, since no one knows who she is.” And it just got nastier from there, with more celebrities getting involved.

It’s never nice to fight publicly about your disagreements. But, all went quiet and it seemed that the fight was over. Now Chloe has spoken to the Hollywood Reporter about what she learned during the debacle. “I think I gave my attention to people who don’t deserve my attention. In some ways I think I regret giving them the attention, (though) I don’t regret what I said.”

She stands by her initial sentiment, but actually, she learned a lesson from Hillary Clinton in how to handle these kinds of things.

“I realized that being the most opinionated and loud person in the room is not always the most impactful. I learned that from Hillary. ‘It’s great to be feisty,’ those were her exact words. But sometimes the smartest way to get into the psyche of people is to be the quietest person in the room. Let everyone else bicker and throw their words around and then you come in with the quiet voice and that will be the most impactful.”

Most of us learn that throughout the course of life, with many fights and arguments under our belts that we just can’t win. Chloe took inspiration from Hillary and her successes and realized that sometimes being feisty and getting into arguments is just a waste of energy. If you really want to come out on top you should just come in, make your point and let everyone else argue.

What do you think of this? Women arguing with other women on social media is never good, especially when they have so many young girls following them. But learning a lesson from Hillary on how to handle yourself when things get loud is really special.

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  1. good point on asking kim to empower young entrepreneurs but i don’t think she would do that because if one of her mentors became the next rising Kim K she would try to take them down.

  2. Of all people to turn to Hillary, who put up with her husbands “activities”. That is not a strong woman.

  3. I get Chloe’s point, but you have to learn from George…

    “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.” George Bernard Shaw

  4. F**k you Kim for saying nobody knows who Chloe Grace Moretz is.She’s way better than you.And she’s more pretty than you. You better watch what you say.

  5. Personally I think that Chloe shouldn’t have said anything in the first place. There was nothing, and will continue to be nothing, wrong with Kim, or anyone else, choosing to share a nude selfie. Kim is an adult, she has every right to share whatever she wants. It was rude of Chloe in the first place, and while Kim’s response wasn’t mature, she didn’t start it.

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