How Your Choice Of Drink Could Be Harming Your Future

photo: @mikutas

A lot of things we do to ourselves could have consequences, that’s one thing we need to take into account. So, for example, I know I need to cut down on full fat, full sugar caffeinated drinks and exercise more. I don’t want to be one of those people who regrets her choices, so I do try to know the risks in everything that I love. Such as pizza.

According to new research, even drinking diet soda could have an effect on your future. With a study of 524 patients who were undergoing IVF treatment finding a link between artificial sweeteners (such as the ones used in ‘diet’ drinks) and lower fertility rates. While sugar in soft drinks and added to coffee could be related to poorer quality of eggs and embryos.

I mean, chances are some of us want to have kids one day. If you don’t right now, you might do when you’re older. And if you know for sure that you don’t, that’s cool too, but it’s always good to know this kind of information. A British expert in fertility warned women not to underestimate the effects of food additives on their likelihood of conception, which is definitely something to keep in mind.

However, the link could also be in the body weight of the participants, with some scientists suggesting it’s not the sugar or artificial sweeteners, and that there could be other factors. Whatever the result, we should be more educated about future consequences of these things, so let us know if this changes your mind about the diet choices you make.

Want some alternatives to fizzy drinks? How about a detox water?

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  • Yvonne Ashon

    It’s all about water for me. I love that it helps me loss weight too.

  • Sheepy

    Oh thank god! Thought my poor beloved coffee was going to be attacked!