How To Choose The Right Scrub For Your Skin Type

It is important every now and then to renew our skin and make sure it looks smooth and polished, especially after a long, cold winter. Both the scrub and peeling help you get rid of the dead skin and black spots on your face as they both are exfoliators. Scrubs are also great as you can apply them both on your face and body and there are easy to make at home. However, in order to choose the right product for you, it is vital to identify your skin type and see what your face and body really need.

#1 – Dry Skin

If you suffer from dry skin, sugar is a vital ingredient for you. Indeed, it is a humectant so it helps to moisture your skin. Plus, it provides glycolic acid to make your skin’s deeper layers thicker. Say bye to dryness and hello to sugar scrubs!

#2 – Sensitive Skin

Avoid walnut and apricot scrubs as they can irritate your skin. Dermatologists suggest to look for something fragrance-free and to look for glycerin and ceramides. A rice bran scrub is a good alternative and probably the best choice if you are worried about premature aging. Plus, it helps prevent sun spots.

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#3 – Oily Skin

If your skin is oily try an egg white and sea salt scrub. Indeed, egg whites remove excess oil and sebum and help preventing pimples and acne. If you skin looks dull due to the excessive oil try an orange and sugar scrub instead. It will make your face glow.

#4 – Sunburnt or irritated skin

If you have spent too much time sunbathing and now your skin is irritated instead of being perfectly tanned, a good remedy is to apply an oatmeal scrub. It will also get rid of the itchiness and you will be ready for another day at the beach.

#5 – Saggy skin

If you have saggy skin and you need help in the battle against cellulite, use a coffee ground scrub. It will help increase circulation and your skin will be more toned.

#6 – Sea salt for the final rush

Finally, if your body skin is not dry, apply a sea salt scrub. It is excellent for flushing toxins from the body and really great for areas such as the feet too. However, it is a bit more abrasive too so avoid it if your skin is irritated or too dry.

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