What Chrissy Teigen Eats To Stay Healthy

Chrissy Teigen Recipes
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A Sports Illustrated cover model and a New York Times best-selling cookbook author, Chrissy Teigen surely knows how to stay in shape in the most delicious way possible.

Her Instagram is full of pictures of mouth-watering goodies. In fact, some of them look so tempting that you might even wonder how it is possible to indulge in something that sinful and still maintain a body of that level! From simmering shakshuka to burgers and pizza, Chrissy is the queen of cooking and a true foodie. What her book, Cravings, does is translate that delicious and hearty food into achievable meals that won’t have you putting on weight every time you lift the fork to your mouth.

Here are a few meals by Chrissy Teigen that prove that “healthy” and “tasty” can well be synonyms.


Roasted Butternut Squash Salad

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According to Chrissy, this recipe is roasted butternut squash over arugula with ‘a garlicy honey Dijon dressing thing’. Pomegranate seeds add a nice sweet crunch. Looks delicious!

Easy avocado eggs for breakfast

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Chrissy says avocado and eggs on toast is her favorite easy breakfast. She upgrades this staple by adding chili flakes, tomatoes, prosciutto and Ezekiel bread.


Easy, healthy(ish) grilled cheese

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Every so often you just want a grilled cheese sandwich! Chrissy’s recipe contains peaches, onions, and sweet chili to give it a sweet palette. Different but good when you need a moment of indulgence.


Scrambled eggs for brunch

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Chrissy’s book, Cravings, contains a lot of hearty recipes that you can still eat if you’re watching your figure. For her Mothers day brunch, she had scrambled eggs, chicken, waffles and roasted bacon.


Chinese Salad

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Chrissy often upgrades comfort food like lasagne and declares a lot of healthy foods like salads her favorite. She eats a lot of salads from her book, Cravings, because she takes the time to outline how to make these bad boys taste amazing. This Chinese salad contains chicken, celery, salad leaves, wonton, and a dressing.

After staring at her food shots for the better part of an hour, I’ve decided my next purchase will be her book. I want to cook like this and try all this deliciousness! Chrissy’s book Cravings is available here.

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  1. She has the nicest and most amazing recipes. The problem is – where on earth can I find “wonton”?

    Also you’ve got to be ready to spend if you wanna eat like Chrissy.?

    x Mila
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