The Only Checklist You Need For Everything To Go Smoothly This Christmas


Some of you will already be writing your lists and checking it twice. But, if you’re anything like me, then Christmas is always a last minute thing. At the beginning of the month, I’m too relaxed thinking that I have all the time in the world. Next thing I know it’s the week before Christmas and nothing is prepared! But that doesn’t mean it’s over. We’re all rushing around the week before making sure everything is ready to go no matter how prepared we are! So, if you didn’t begin your Christmas planning way back in October then take a look at this Christmas to-do list that will make sure you won’t miss a thing:

Two weeks to go 11th-17th:

1. Do your shopping 

This is a given, and you’ve probably been doing a lot of it on the build up. But, your shopping list is probably nowhere near finished. But to give yourself some breathing space for next week it’s best if you have all of your Christmas shopping done by the end of this week.

2. Get your materials sorted

This means buying your gift wrapping, your cards, your bows, your glitter beforehand. Get everything ready and prepared ahead of time so you won’t have to be running around the shops trying to find the perfect wrapping paper a few days before Christmas.

3. Send off your Xmas cards

There are two types of people in this world; the ones who send out Christmas cards at the beginning of the month, and the ones who give them out just before Christmas. I give them out just before Christmas and there’s no shame in doing that. Christmas doesn’t end on Christmas day! So, if you haven’t already then send them out!

4. Know the last dates

Don’t be like me and try and order in time for Christmas three days before! That was my mistake last year when in a last-minute desperation bid for gifts. Know your cut off dates for posting gifts to your loved ones and even for getting your gifts in for Christmas. They tend to end at the end of this week!

5. Get the drink in

It isn’t just Christmas you have to think about, but Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve. So, be prepared and get all the drinks in. Even some non-alcoholic options for those who cannot or choose not to drink. That way you’ll be a gracious host who is always prepared!


One week to go 18th-24th:

1. Christmas cleaning

Like all of us, you’ll be running around your house like a madman trying to make sure everything is tidy and prepped for all the visitors you’re going to be receiving. Your house needs to be spic-and-span so it’s best to do it now rather than running around with the hoover on Christmas eve (trust me!).

2. Recipes ready

Make sure all your recipes are printed off and ready to go. And that’s everything from your Christmas pud to your turkey. Put them in order to how you’re going to cook it to make sure even your recipes are super organized!

3. Everything in the right spot

Christmas day is going to be manic, it goes by so quickly especially for those of us that are cooking the turkey and so much more. And it’s super easy to get stressed. So, make sure this week everything is in its right spot ready to go. Try making another list that says where everything is so you’re not panicking looking for your seasoning!

4. Last minute everything

We’re not perfect and there’s bound to be something you’ve missed no matter how organized you are. There’s always one extra stocking filler or gravy that you’ve forgotten to buy at the supermarket. So make sure you’ve gone through your list and made sure that you’ve not missed too much!

5. Is everything wrapped? 

Are all your gifts wrapped and ready to go with bows and all? I always leave my wrapping to the very last minute as I can’t help but buy little gifts here and there to add. So, I just wrap them all together and plus it makes for a festive evening that gets you in the mood just before Christmas.


What’s on your Christmas checklist? Let us know in the comments section below…



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