5 Sophisticated Perfumes You Won’t Regret Putting On Your Christmas List



If you’re a woman who has a mega stressful job, a routine and a diary full of pre-scheduled workouts you’ll never do then chances are you don’t like strong, flowery fragrances. Your busy and ambitious. So, anything florally smells like your grandma and those sweet, fruity scents just smell like your teenage years. And picking the right scent for you isn’t easy. But, I can help! Clean, light scents are the best for the professional woman. Now, I’m not saying you should smell anti-bacterial. Clean scents just mean that your perfume isn’t overpowering or sweet. And these five are just right:

1. Byredo Blanche

Byredo Blanche Eau de Parfum White Rose & Sandalwood $150 available here


The fragrance is exactly how the founder describes it ‘pure and simple.’ It’s supposed to be an innocent fragrance that is simple and airy. And it’s exactly that! The perfume is made up of white roses, violets, and peonies. But it doesn’t give this fragrance an over-the-top flowery scent. Instead, it remains light with an added flare. Buy it here.


2. Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt:

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne $65 available here

This scent is certainly very light and clean. The woody base tones blend with sea salt, which really makes you feel like you’re at the seaside. I, for one, grow up in a coastal area so it’s these undertones that I love the most. The scent will stay strong for hours and is perfect if you’re after a very fresh, but sophisticated scent. So, if you love the smell of the ocean air then buy it here.


3. Escentric Molecules :

Escentric Molecules 01 $135 available here

This perfume is really special. It gives you your own personal scent by reacting to the molecules on your skin. And it really works! My scent had an undertone of jasmine and incense, whilst my friend was a little sweeter. It is unlike any fragrance you will ever try or wear and is truly unique. It is a light scent overall that isn’t too much. Buy it here.


4. Clean Reserve:

Clean Reserve Blend Warm Cotton Eau de Parfum $95 available here

They are the King of Clean! And their cotton blend is inspired by the ultimate feeling of coziness that’s ‘irresistibly fresh and inviting.’ It’s a scent that’s not only fresh but makes you nostalgic about home, fresh cotton sheets and clean air. This is pulled off with base notes of musk, incense, vetiver. Buy it here.


5. Chanel No.5:

Chanel No.5 L’eau Spray $105 available here

It’s a really popular scent that sells out worldwide. It’s one of my favorites and it doesn’t take a lot of spritzes to get that desirable, sophisticated smell. This perfume is infused with everything from rose to lemon, which infuses these scents together subtly. Behind this is a cottony musk tones and even ylang-ylang, which is great for keeping away anxiety. Altogether it is simple but elegant. Buy it here.


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  1. Haha, okay so the only one i need to try is the Escentric Molecules. I definitely agree with your selection. These are pretty great fragrances that every woman should experience at least once is their lifetime. I only wish I would have gotten this exact Clean Reserve fragrance. Next time perhaps. After trying it on, I liked it more than the one I got. It happens…

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