5 Incredible Ways to Make Your Clothes Look More Expensive


We know the importance of dressing for success; wearing what your future self would wear to show the best version of yourself, at all times! But let’s get real, our salaries don’t always reflect our ambitions. Dressing above your post can seem impossible when you’ve got bills to pay and a fridge to stock. Fear not! With a few simple tricks your clothes will look expensive and you’ll be stylish without breaking the bank.


 1. Simple statements

Pick simple clothes with details such as metallics, ruffles, and ties. Don’t overdo it! One classy detail can turn the entire outfit into something special. It will show off good design, remaining understated and chic. Check out these simple styles:

Urban Outfitters Geometric Heel Ankle Boot £59.00/ $79.00 available here


Tie It Out Ruffle Top £18.00/ $36.00 available here


Topshop Wrap Over Midi Dress £49.00/ $95.00 available here


 2. Shop quality over quantity

Whilst fashion trends change, good quality wardrobe essentials are a must! Make sure you check the label to see exactly what you are buying. These quality essentials won’t break the bank and they make a great springboard for accessorising!


Mango Pleat detail trousers £49.99/ $79.99 available here



Nordstrom Turtleneck Sweater Dress £56.89/ $70.80 available here


Mango Houndstooth structured blazer £79.99/$129.99 available here


3. Add a little texture

Silk, leather, animal fur and velvet are no longer weighed down by a hefty price tag. You can now choose from a variety of wonderful imitations. Faux options do an amazing job at sprucing up a classic outfit. Silky items, knits, and velvet add value to your look.


WANT At a Cross For Words Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag £22.00/ $44.00 available here



Topshop Faux Fur Coat £79.00/ $150.00 available here


H&M Crushed-velvet Jacket £34.99/ $49.99 available here


Present Tense Satin Pants £25.00/ $50.00 available here and Blazer £40.00/ $80.00 available here


4. Stick to one color

Keep it minimal. Monochrome outfits, neutrals and black are always classy, offering a great offset for bold statement pieces. You can also choose one bold color in a two-piece suit like these:

Mango Lace Flowy Top £35.99/$59.99 and Flared Velvet Trousers £49.99/$79.99 available here


Topshop Double Breasted Suit Jacket and Trousers Set Total price: £79.00/$58.00 available here


Topshop Cigarette Suit Trousers £30.00/$58.00 available here


 5. Accessorize!

Use accessories to spice up simple outfits and make a statement. You can save money on the subtle accessories like small jewellery and simple shoes and bags, but if you wear anything bold and eye-catching, make sure this is pricey and on trend like these trending items:


Nordstrom Velvet Head Wrap Sole Society £20.05/$24.95 available here


ASOS Stradivarius Block Heel Ankle Boot £28.99/ $46.00 available here



Forever 21 Faux Leather Beret £12.00/ $14.90 available here


What tricks do you use to make your outfit look more expensive than it actually is? Let us know in the comments below!



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  1. I’ve started with quality over quantity. It does make a big difference especially splurging out on shoes for me.


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