7 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Beauty Blender


They’re taking our beauty game to the next level and saving us some serious time in the morning, but are you using them right? These mistakes might just be ruining your chances of perfect skin and incredible makeup!

The beauty blender. The most powerful makeup tool since the eyeliner pen. I seriously believe that. The little teardrop-shaped sponge that comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles and helps you apply your foundation and concealer flawlessly. By now, I know you own one, because we all do.

Mistake number 1: Not washing it 

You have no idea how many brown beauty blenders I’ve seen that used to be orange (or even worse pink!), and while you might think it’s just foundation on that blender, it’s also bacteria which could be the reason why you’ve been breaking out a lot lately. PSA: Wash your beauty blenders after you use them. Just squirt some baby shampoo on it and run it under the tap. It’s so satisfying. And hygienic.

Mistake number 2: Not wetting it 

Did you know you had to wet the beauty blender before you apply your makeup with it? Because I found that little gem out way too late in the day. You basically dampen the end before you dip it in your foundation, which helps it to give you a dewy, even finish. Next. Level.

Mistake number 3: Wiping your makeup with it 

How do you apply your makeup with the beauty blender? The wiping motion is perfect for removing stubborn concealer lines or collecting excess powder, but if you do that with your foundation – you’ll end up wiping all the foundation off your face! Nooooo! Make sure you are dabbing or stippling your face with the blender. It’s honestly the best technique for applying makeup.

Mistake number 4: Using it only for your makeup 

One of the coolest tips I’ve learned this year is to have a beauty blender, especially for skincare products. That way you can apply your night cream wherever you want it without getting it all over your hands. For example, if you apply a night cream on your face, a cream only under your eyes and coconut oil on your eyebrows and eyelashes for growth, you might get tired of slathering your hands with three different products. A mini beauty blender is literally perfection for applying things to small, delicate areas. Thank me later!

Mistake number 5: Keeping it forever 

Second PSA: Throw your beauty blender away, babe! Somehow we’re all guilty of becoming hoarders when it comes to makeup, tell it to my expired mascara and pot of cream that has no specific date on it. What’s lurking in the bottom of my beauty bag? Nobody knows, but I fear it’s something similar to The Upside Down from Stranger Things. Anyway, forget my tangent, chuck your beauty blender when it starts to rip or lose shape.


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