10 Types Of Dreams We All Have And What They Actually Mean


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Do you find yourself trying to analyze what your dreams mean? We definitely do! What you dream could reveal a lot about what’s going on in your waking life.

We’ve collected some interesting info about the most common dreams and what they mean…

#1 Being Chased
These dreams suggest that you’ve been running away from something in your waking life. Is there anything that’s causing you anxiety or stress lately? Deal with this and your dreams will be filled with Leo DiCaprio once more.

#2 Teeth Falling Out 
This dream stems from a fear of rejection or a feeling of unattractiveness. Teeth are how you bite and chew, so losing them can present a feeling of powerlessness. To combat this, try to think of ways you can combat this feeling and rise to the challenge of it.

#3 Flying
If you’re having a turbulent flight in your slumber, it may suggest that someone is standing on your cape in reality. Think about the people who would rather see you stay static in life and let yourself be free to achieve.

#4 Unable To Find A Bathroom
This doesn’t mean you’re going to wet the bed! It means you’re struggling to express your needs in a certain situation. Maybe you feel like your own needs are not being met. Try to spending some time with yourself and apply some self-care.

#5 Falling
I really don’t enjoy this one! Falling can signify being anxious and insecure in a situation BUT can also signify being unafraid of change. Just concentrate on how you feel when you fall in a dream and then you can work on how to fix the falling.

#6 Being Late
Being late suggests that you’re anxious about taking a different route in life, maybe a new job or a big move is making you worry. Try to think about the positives this new route would bring in order to get a peaceful sleep.

#7 Out-of-control Vehicle
Cars in dreams represent the drive in our life. This dream may suggest that you feel like your life is off track and needs to be fixed.

#8 Being Naked In Public 
Worst thought ever! But this dream means you’re not able to find yourself and are uncertain about events. This may mean you need to do some soul searching to put your worried head to rest.

#9 Finding A New Room
The rooms in a house represent different aspects of your character. So finding an unused or new room suggests that you’re discovering a talent that you weren’t aware of before. Maybe you’re the next Adele, who knows.

#10 Unprepared for an Exam
According to Dreams, 1 in 5 people will experience this dream in their lifetime. Exams are how we judge our ability to perform, so this indicates that you are critically examining your own performance in waking life. Instead of this, try celebrating your knowledge and achievements, instead of judging them.


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  • Anja

    Teeth falling out also represents a loss of control over your life: health, career, finances, relationship, etc.