The 8 Most Common Lipstick Problems And How To Fix Them


Lipstick is the ultimate accessory. It makes a statement, suits everyone, and boosts our confidence. But rocking our favourite red, pink, or nude lipstick comes with its own set of challenges. Bleeding, fading, and rough patches are just some of the problems we’re constantly dealing with. It doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s how we can easily fix all our most common lipstick problems:


Problem #1: Your lipstick emphasises dry patches

common lipstick problems fix

Tom Ford  Lip Color ($53)

Oh no! You were so excited to try your new lipstick, but it emphasises every dry patch you have on your lips! It’s time to get rid of those pesky dry patches, then! Use a lip scrub like Tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliant and gently rub the mixture on your lips for a minute or so. Now, your lips are properly exfoliated, your lipstick will apply much more smoothly!


Problem #2: Your lipstick dries your lips


Is your lipstick drying? Simply switch to a creamier formula like Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Matte Lip Color. Don’t want to give up your favourite, but drying, matte shades? Before applying them, prep your lips with a thin layer of lip balm. It’ll keep your pout hydrated for hours.

Problem #3: Your lipstick bleeds


Tom Ford Lip Color in Cherry Lush ($52)

Does your new creamy lipstick refuse to stay put? Grab a lip brush, and apply a thin line of concealer around the edges of your lips before putting on lipstick. The concealer acts as a barrier between your lips and the rest of your face, preventing bleeding and feathering.


Problem #4: Your lipstick always ends up on your teeth


Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick ($32)

Ah, the dreaded lipstick on teeth. So embarrassing! And it always happens at the worst possible moments. It doesn’t have to. After you put on lipstick, form an “O” shape with your lips, and stick your index finger in your mouth. Then, pull it out. See that ring of lipstick around your finger? It’s the lipstick that would’ve ended up on your teeth. Now, that can’t happen anymore!


Problem #5: Your lipstick fades quickly

xb6jviwtd-s-1Kevyn Aucoin The Expert Lip Color ($35)

Tired of touching up your lipstick every couple of hours? Extend its life by setting it. Hold a thin piece of paper in front of your lips, and dust on some setting powder. Easy, isn’t it?


Problem #6: Your lipstick comes off when you drink


Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Style $32

You so needed that cup of coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate!) But now half your lipstick has come off! Simply reapply it, and drink from a straw next time. That way, the colour will come off from the inside, not the outside, of your lips. No one will notice.


Problem #7: Your long-wearing lipstick won’t come off

g1eymt8tz-sBobbi Brown Lip Color ($28)

So, you were tired of touching up your lipstick throughout the day, and finally bought a long-wearing one. But now it won’t come off at all! You can’t go to bed with lipstick still on. Just grab some vaseline (or olive oil) and apply it all over your lips. Wait 15 minutes, and take it all off. Lipstick’s gone!


Problem #8: Your lipstick broke

jnlweqhoty-sNars Audacious Lipstick ($32)

Your brand new lipstick broke off at the base? Don’t panic! You can still put it back together. With a lighter, melt the top of the lipstick that’s still left on the tube. Then, place the broken piece of lipstick on top of it. Press the two parts together for a few seconds. Grab a toothpick, and use it to smooth out any rough edges. Place it in the freezer, and let it cool for about an hour. When you take it out, it’ll be as good as new!



What’s your worst lipstick problem? Have you found a way to fix it?

photo: Lily Aldridge, By Giorgia Guazzarotti


  1. Thanks for these great tips – some I knew but some I didn’t. Definitely going to try the concealer tip to prevent my lipstick from bleeding next time!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  2. These are great tips! I use lip liner all the time; I am definitely trying the concealer tip. Thanks so much :)

  3. Very good advice in one place, some familiar and some new, which will definitely try. Thanks!

  4. Suzette, you’re welcome. I’m sure you’ll love the concealer tip too. It has never failed me.

  5. My long-lasting lipsticks (Revlon Colorstay and Ultimate Colorstay) come in a tube with an applicator built into the cap. The problem is that before the lipstick is gone, it thickens and becomes unusable. Is there something I can use to thin it? I realize it might loose it’s staying power by doing so, but I still like the colors. Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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