These Genius Computer Tricks Will Make You More Productive

We are all at the time of year where workloads are heavy, college deadlines are already creeping up, the last thing you need is for your computer to sit there buffering for 10 hours or worse just turn off.

It’s time to take precautionary steps and clean out your computer to ensure there is no rubbish clogging up the storage or hardware. Not many of us are tech experts but here are 7 simple steps to give it a spring clean.



Organize Your Messages

Apps like Franz help you group all your chats from Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and Skype into one place. That way you can have everything nicely organized instead of all over the place.

Schedule your emails

Life changing hack – use the Boomerang function of Gmail to bounce an email back to yourself at a certain time and date. Which means if you get something late on Friday, you can schedule it to come back from you on Monday morning.




Hack Your Battery

Battery saving is an issue for all of us, if you’re on the go low battery can be a serious nightmare. Luckily BatteryCare and FruitJuice are two programs that will help you optimize your battery life and keep a closer eye on where all that power is going.

Clean Your Desktop

Start by clearing up your desktop, no need for those screenshots of heels you needed 2 years ago. Delete all the unnecessary icons so when you turn your computer on you’ve got your background image and not a lot else. It’s all just clutter.

Organize And Group

Open up your documents and we are all probably guilty of having 100’s of documents splattered all over the place and some unnamed. Take the time to go through these and delete those you no longer need. Then group these into new folders such as “College work”, “personal documents” and “shopping wish list”.

Then you know exactly what’s what and where everything is. If you work mostly on the cloud, use a program like Odrive to keep all your cloud storage in one place with one password. That way you can rest assured that your cloud documents are being stored safe.


Keep Your Passwords Together

If you constantly forget your passwords for everything, you need a service that will remember them for you. Passpack will securely store your passwords for everything so you don’t have to keep everything on post-its and pieces of paper.

Make Your Computer Faster

Struggling with a sluggish computer? Try CCleaner, it’s an app that will clear old files and startup items that are causing your computer to be slower than normal. However, you need to read up on how to use it so you don’t go overboard and delete everything.


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