These Are The Concealers That Will Cover Everything


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Whether the problem is blemishes, dark circles, redness or pigmentation, you rely on concealer to cover all sins, helping you achieve that flawless complexion. Certainly not a one size fits all product, not all concealers are created equal, or for the same purpose. From illuminating pens perfect for brightening undereye circles to heavy duty formulas that can even hide tattoos (seriously!).



Hide blemishes flawlessly

How: Possibly the most contradictory combination, but when searching for a spot concealer you need something pigmented enough to cover the redness, yet creamy and hydrating enough to not cling to any dry patches. Your spot concealer should match your foundation shade exactly, any lighter and you’ll simply be highlighting the spot!

What: Kat Von D’s Lock It Concealer Crème makes light work of covering blemishes! The full coverage, creamy formula eliminates redness, while still feeling comfortable on the skin. The shade range is seriously impressive too, even including a pure white so you can mix your perfect shade! If you have acne, then you may suffer from dry patches surrounding breakouts. The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is super hydrating, so will cover blemishes without accentuating dryness!

Banish those dark circles

How: Brighten your undereye area by using an illuminating concealer pen. A radiant formula will draw light to the area, helping you fake that wide-awake look. If your under eyes are particularly discoloured, use a peachy corrector first to balance out the blue tones.

What: If you need to correct first, there is no better than Bobbi Brown’s Corrector. The super creamy formula is pigmented, yet hydrating enough to use on your delicate undereye skin. Available in a huge range of peach toned shades, so everyone can find their perfect match. To illuminate, we love The Retoucher by Charlotte Tilbury. This magic pen not only covers but hydrates too, so there won’t be a dark circle in sight! If you feel like you need a touch more coverage, Urban Decay’s Naked Concealer provides the perfect medium coverage you need to completely eliminate dark circles with no cakey-ness!

Multi-tasking concealers

How: Although traditionally concealers have been split into two categories – blemish coverers and undereye brighteners, there are a few miracle workers that do both jobs equally well. Essential for handbag touch ups!

What: A full coverage concealer that’s creamy enough for under eyes, pigmented enough to cover spots, and can even be used as an emergency foundation alternative? Look no further than AmazingCosmetics AmazingConcealer. Aptly named, this is the ultimate multitasker! If full coverage isn’t your thing, the hydrating formula of LA Girl’s Pro Concealer is a great is ideal for covering redness, dark circles, and blemishes, yet still lets your natural skin shine though! It’s a great budget option too!

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  • clxelouise

    The superstay better skin is such a good concealer!
    Cloe X

  • Jasmine Secret

    Sadly we don’t have those products here in Finland! :( Guess i’m just going to have to order it from somewhere and give some of those a try!


  • Meg

    Younique has a wonderdful concealer, the best I have used.

  • The Wardrobe Stylist

    Thanks for the list. It is really hard to determine which concealers are the most helpful especially for dark circles. It’s always a trial and error but this list will help.

  • Bor A

    I’m going to have to interject and inform everyone that the absolute #1 concealer surpassing all the above brands is by IT Cosmetics. If you don’t know about or have not used it, you need to run not walk to try it and put up against all the above brands. It is a game changer. Yes you can all thank me later for the inside track. Ana TheAntiBlog

  • Elizabeth Duquette-Hollands (M

    This is a good list! I wish their were more drugstore brands. However I love your explanation to each point! I’m still obsessed with wanting to try Kat Von D’s line….ONE DAY. ONE DAY.