How To Contour Your Eyes And Enhance Your Eye Shape

Contouring is all the rage now. It slims your cheekbones, defines your jawline, and gives you the face of a model. But, did you know you can contour your eyes too? With a touch of powder and a little blending, you can enhance, sculpt, and define their shape – without surgery.

It sounds mad, but knowing how to contour your eyelids with eye shadow can take years off you as well as opening your eyes up and making you look bright eyed and beautiful, so  thanks to our friends at SMASHBOX here are the best 3D contouring tricks for every eye shape you can create with the Double Exposure Palette.


1. Almond eyes



Almond eyes resemble an almond with a slightly upturned end. Almond eyes are very easy to contour. Just apply a wash of matte, medium or grey shade on the lid, and then blend a darker hue into the outer crease. Blend well. This classic technique will make your eyes stand out.

2.Round eyes



Round eyes are large and wide with more white on show than other eye shapes.To narrow the shape, apply a medium or dark brown, preferably matte, in the center of your eyes, and a lighter colour on the corners. 

3. Upturned eyes



4. Hooded eyes



When your eyes are open, your eyelid can’t usually be seen or the natural crease in the eyelid can’t be seen at all. If you have hooded eyes, lightly pat a medium matte brown on the lid. Don’t overdo it, or you’ll overwhelm the eyes! Next, use a sheer, light highlighting shade on the corners of your eyes and your brow bone. Pro tip: groom your brows to give you more lid space to work with.

5. Monolid eyes


You have a tight, single eyelid. Create a seamless gradient to add some dimension to your eyes. It’s easy. Pat a matte dark shade on the lid, just over the lashline. Then, a softer, neutral shade in the center. Finish off with a sheer, shimmery hue just under the eyebrows.

6. Downturned eyes


Downturned eyes have a drop in the outer corner of the eye and suit any eyeliner look. For an accentuated gradient look, use a soft shimmery white or pink colour in the inner crease, a medium gold or brown colour in the middle and a darker colour on the outer corner. Blend together to create a smoky gradient and lightly line the upper lashline.


The Smashbox Exposure Palette is available here and here. Whatever your eye shape, follow your natural bone structure and always blend, blend, blend! How do you contour your eyes?

By Giorgia Guazzarotti

Photography by Smashbox



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