This Cool Brand Makes It Possible To Personalize Your Jewelry In 1 Day


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Jewelry is a personal expression of who you are and Monica Vinader understands this. During our recent trip to Barcelona, I had the pleasure of wearing some Monica Vinader pieces for a photo shoot. I have been a huge fan of this brand and have been wearing a personalized bracelet for a couple of years now, so I was really excited to try on some new pieces.

Recently they have launched the signature bracelet. The bar of the Signature Bangle can be engraved on top or underneath with messages, motifs & hand-drawn doodles. This way you can create a meaningful bracelet to express your life milestones and personal style or create a special present for family or friends.

I personally love to have jewelry pieces that have a special story. I think Monica Vinader nails it and makes it possible to create unique special pieces that you will treasure for a long long time to come.

My personal favorite is the signature thin bangle!

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