6 Amazing Jobs You’ve Probably Never Considered



I loved my time in school. And growing up, all I wanted to be was a lawyer, save for that little period where I wanted to be a Vicar (don’t ask!). But, I always loved literature, and even more, writing stories. However, throughout school, I didn’t really pursue this dream because I thought going down that path would either leave me as a teacher or an author – and we all know neither path is an easy one!

I never knew that I could do so much more with an English degree. So, before I went and got my degree, I had to put in the research to see what was out there. And I never dreamed of all that was. I feel like in school, you are only shown the main paths, the main roles. And it got me to thinking that I must not be the only one. So, if you’ve ever felt like you could do more, but don’t know what’s out there, then check out these seven career paths you never knew were possible:


1. Coder

Job title: Junior Web Developer/Freelance HTML Coder Requirements: Experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Salary: £25k/$56k per year

Ever imagined yourself coding a website? Think it would be too hard? Well just like anything it takes a little bit of homework. Just like a language, you can teach it to yourself at any time. And let me tell you that it’s a big space to be in at the moment. Especially for women. Coding isn’t just about geeky guys hiding behind a computer in a basement, there are successful women out there who have redefined the business.

They work with all the major brands, getting their website to where they want it to be. And there are so many brands who need a coder or web developer as they simply don’t have the time to execute it themselves. This is where you can come in. With this skill, you can earn a lot per hour as a freelance. Plus, I think it’s pretty cool!


2. Marketeer

Job Title: Digital Marketing Manager
Requirements: Proven experience with marketing campaigns
Salary: £40k/$80k per year

I used to think if you wanted to do this role, you would need a degree and to know the market inside out. But like almost anything, it’s one of those things you can pick up easily and learn yourself. Marketing is everywhere we look, and as a consumer, you actually know more about it than you think. By simply understanding the psychology of consumerism, you’ll be able to make yourself big bucks by doing something that’s really cool.

Brands are always looking for innovative, cool people who are able to think outside the box. You can do many interesting, different things and analyze how it affects your audience and customers. So, if you’re looking for a high-powered, demanding but fun job then this is one you should definitely consider.


3. Editorial

Job title: Editorial Assistant
Requirements: Editorial and copywriting experience with an excellent attention to detail and proof-reading skills
Salary: £25k/$38k per year

If you have a way with words, know how to take a sentence to the next level, and have a really good sense of grammar, then an Editorial Assistant position is one for you. It’s the entry level to the editing world, and such an exciting world it is. You can be an Editorial Assistant in any company – everyone needs a proofreader after all. But, if you want to put your skills to something more exciting then test out the magazine world.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a hard industry to crack. It’s the same for any industry, but these days, there are so many publications who need the help, so you can pretty much take your pick! And with the emergence of online blogs turning into magazines, it means the future is all about digital. So, if you don’t think there is a space for you, remember you can always make space.


4. Social Media 

Job title: Social Media Manager
Requirements: Digital content creation experience and proven experience managing social media accounts
Salary: £35k/$45k

Social Media is pretty much the hot topic of today. We use it daily and probably would find it difficult to go without at all. And it’s a big industry. So, if you feel like you’re really strong with sparking engagement, know how to grow a following and can even come up with innovating cool ideas, then social media could be the one for you.

Because social media is popular, brands use it as an effective way to connect with new customers and even create a community of followers that they would not be able to otherwise. There’s a big space if you’re looking to take a brand to the next level. If you’re finding it a little hard to get into, then I would suggest maybe showing the brand what you could do for them in terms of social media. I can promise that it will give your skills the attention they need!


5. Writer

Job title: Copywriter
Requirements: Previous writing experience and a portfolio of copywriting
Salary: £25k/$45k

I remember never really knowing what this job was. When I was in university, I heard people say it all the time, but I had never heard of it. I honestly thought at one stage that it was just one who did photocopies all day! Don’t judge me! But, it’s a really cool job. Connecting with marketing and advertorial departments you’ll basically be the person coming up with those catchy slogans you see everywhere.

I remember interviewing the Head of Copywriting for Burberry, she was such a boss and a woman that you really envision yourself being. She really worked with language and knew the power of every word so she could connect them together to form a sentence that would influence a nation. And I just think that’s incredible.

6. Crossword writer 

Job title: Crossword puzzle writer
Requirements: Ability to compile crosswords and a large vocabulary
Salary: £200/$200 per crossword

This sounds like a weird one. If you have a large vocabulary and love deconstructing puzzles, why not try your hand at freelancing and earn quite a lot by writing crosswords. Start small. Big earners can make this their full-time job working for crossword magazines. You’d have to be really good with words. You can charge 50% extra for themed puzzles, and the harder you make them, the more you can charge.

A lot of crossword compilers have day jobs as surgeons, teachers, and do it for the love. There are few who love words and puzzles so much that it’s become their full-time thing – and it pays pretty well, too.



Any other jobs I’ve missed? What do you do?


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