The Coolest Beauty Tools That Will Speed Up Your Routine


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The importance of picking good quality beauty tools is seriously underrated. The right tools will get the job done far quicker. Simplifying your beauty routine and saving you valuable time in the mornings, space in your makeup bag and money spent constantly replacing non-quality options.

We’ve picked 10 of the best tools out there, from makeup brushes to brow grooming to help you streamline your routine and achieve a perfect finish every time.

Up your airbrush game!

This year has seen the arrival of oval face brushes. These toothbrush-shaped oval brushes have transformed foundation application for the better. The Artis Oval 7 is an ideal size for hard to reach areas, speedily blending out your base to a blurred out, airbrushed finish.

Puff off!

Facial massage has long been praised by dermatologists and skincare fanatics alike, but the techniques can be easily forgotten, and therefore neglected. The Slim Cera Facial Roller simplifies the idea, just roll the cooling roller in outward strokes across the sinuses, cheeks and down the neck towards to collarbone to aid lymph drainage, eliminating puffiness for good.

Blush it up!

Another essential makeup tool to have in your arsenal is a flat top buffing brush, suitable for blending out both cream and powder alike. The ByTerry Stencil Brush makes the sometimes tricky task of applying cream blush particularly foolproof, due to its unique tip in the middle which ‘holds’ product while the exterior bristles work it into the skin.

Get a cleaning mat

Good quality brushes will last, as long as they are properly cared for. Speed up the tedious task of washing your brushes with Sigma’s Brush Cleaning Mat. The mat adheres to the bottom of your sink, while the assortment of silicone bristles reach right to the root of your brush for quick yet thorough cleaning.

Silkworms for perfect skin?!

For a quick, natural exfoliation, try using Silk Cocoons. Another ingenious South Korean solution, these teeny, silk, thimbles are spun by silkworms and make the perfect pore cleaners. Sounds bizarre I know, but once softened under hot water, the fibers smooth over rough skin and draw out dirt from deep below the skin’s surface. You can get them on most online marketplaces and holistic health and beauty shops – trust us, though, they’re going to be a big thing.

Get an applicator

Finally, for a completely innovative approach to makeup application, there is the Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator. This vibrating sponge has been designed to mimic the gentle tapping motions of a makeup artist’s finger, resulting in a flawless, airbrushed effect. Think of it as a beauty blender, but with superpowers!

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