How to Cope After the Most Stressful Week Ever




Everybody feels stressed sometimes. Whether you love your job or are dying for a promotion, sometimes everything can get on top of you and cause you to have a majorly stressy week.

When you get home at the end of it, it’s tempting to slump down, eat junk food and go into a sort of coma watching Netflix, but that’s not the best way to deal with it. Here are a few ways we unwind after particularly stressful weeks that really help…

Talk to Joy
If you’re feeling really frazzled or just worried about how to manage anxiety and stress, Joy could be super helpful. Joy is a bot that talks to you via Facebook Messenger. It will ask you how you’ve felt over the past thirty days, allow you to record journal entries, check back in with you to find out how you’re doing and give you tips and tricks on managing emotions. Like your own personal bot therapist, Joy will remind you via Messenger so there’s one less thing to remember.

Make meditation a priority
Before you have a chance to slump on the couch and complain about your day, find a quiet room, light a candle and do some meditation. Apps like Headspace can help you out with this, it won’t take too much time and will allow you to clear your mind of everything you’ve been stressing about for the week. I always find that when my stress turns to panic, meditation helps me to focus on my tasks in blocks.

Get a quick blast of exercise if you’re frazzled
Even just 5 minutes of HiiT training will help you to kick stress in the butt and feel better. Especially when you have anger connected with stress, you should do some high-intensity workouts or kick-boxing to work it out.

Don’t dwell
It’s easy to dwell in your emotions over a takeaway and pity yourself for the stressful week you’ve had, but it’s much better to focus on all the good things. How you kicked that week in the ass and you’re glad it’s over. How you have time to call people now, to make dates with friends, to enjoy your favorite shows, and just try not to think about any stress-inducing problems.

Be creative
Even if you don’t think you’re particularly ‘good’ at creative endeavors. I always find a spot of coloring, painting, and digital drawing helps me to forget about anything else and focus on the ‘now’. Mindfulness coloring books are a hit, but I went and bought a tablet and pen for photoshop doodles of very badly drawn cats. Great investment.

Play games 
Not a readily given piece of advice, but the reason I stay so cool in stressful situations is usually because I come home and play video games. Not ashamed to say I play all the same games that my guy friends do. Never have I had more fun than when I got to beat the boys at Mortal Kombat. From Pokemon Go to The Sims there is absolutely a game out there that will take your brain away from the stresses of being a Career Girl.

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  • Dorothy

    Great advice! I swear by meditation, creativity & video games – these just always work for me. My nintendo was one of my best investments ever – perfect for on-the-go relaxation & fun. :)

    Dorothy |


    I love this! Perfect timing…this week was a monster! thank you!

  • Keshia White

    Great tips! One of my remedies for a stressful week is to treat myself to an at home spa night. I do a face mask, exfoliate with some amazingly scent body scrub, and use some relaxing body oil to top it all off. It does wonders for my mood and energy.


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