Why Having A Year Of Yes Could Change Your Life Forever

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Shonda Rhimes is a powerful career girl. She’s the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder and is responsible for 70 hours of TV per season. She knows the importance of working and trying to create a balance in her personal life, you only have to read our profile on her to know how inspiring she is.

Shonda’s life changed when she started saying yes to everything. In this TED talk, she admits that when she wanted to say no, she simply said yes and then explains how powerful that was for her in both her work life and her home life.

“When I’m hard at work, when I’m deep in it, there is no other feeling. For me, my work is at all times building a nation out of thin air. It is manning the troops. It is painting a canvas. It is hitting every high note. It is running a marathon. It is being Beyoncé. And it is all of those things at the same time.”

Could your life change if you simply said yes more often? Could it open hundreds of doors and lead to a more positive outlook? Start by reading our article on banishing negativity, make your perfect motivational list and then give saying yes a go!

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  1. Yes!
    I try this for a few months now, and saying yes! Mord often always gets you out of your comfort zone…besteht thing to do, AS
    “Great things never come Form comfort zones”

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!



  2. This has been my quiet New Year Resolution to myself: to say yes instead of no. Needed this reminder today!!!


  3. I really need to say yes more often! It can be quite terrifying however I think it will be for the better!


  4. Saying “yes” is harder than it sounds…but that’s probably why it’s so rewarding. Sure looks that way for Shonda. I don’t think I could start with a goal of a year. I would probably take it in much smaller increments. More doable for me.

  5. Love this! I recently found joy again in the play as well. After graduating university, I began my fine arts career, and as it started to take off with lots of gallery shows, there was so much pressure to figure out one style and keep creating art all of the time. This year I realized that I was no longer finding joy from it and by simply giving myself permission to enjoy, explore, and have fun, without fear of failure, I got it back! As she says, the hum is very important. Give yourself a break and don’t overthink it, whatever it is!

    Have a look at my artwork if you’d like: http://www.katerina-pravdivaia.com

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