6 Of The Best Online Courses

We know how much time you girls spend on the internet, and a true Career Girl knows that you should never stop learning, so we’ve selected some of the best online courses that will teach you a thing or two! Read on to go back to school (not literally, obviously!).

Fit Bottomed Girls


This website is sure to get you moving. With a variety of workouts, health tips and blogs, this website will inspire you to get moving during your busy day!

Khan Academy


Khan Academy is the website you need if you really do feel like you need to go back to school, a lot of us forget the things we learned there so Khan Academy has a variety of different levels of subjects from Maths to Art History!

Information Is Beautiful


If you like learning, but are more of a visual person, this website is for you. London based author David McCandless is a data-analyser who presents facts and information in beautifully visual ways, so you can learn without having to read lengthy essays!

Project Gutenberg 


We all love reading a good book, luckily Project Gutenberg is full of FREE classics and books that you can read wherever you are. Download Kindle books, read them in your browser and get your fix of great literature whenever you need!



Coding is a skill that most of us need nowadays, with the rise of blogging, websites and internet entrepreneurs, women are becoming more interested in learning to code. Luckily Codecademy can help you out! They even have ‘estimated learn time’ and different classes like ‘Build Your Own Website’ and ‘Learn Java’.



These interactive games are designed to help you improve your memory and get some brain training in, sure we’re all going a little brain dead staring at our phones all day, but this site guarantees to help you refresh your memory!

  1. i love project gutenberg. there’s nothing better than a free book. // ▲ conundrumofcoitus.com ▲

  2. I’ve been using Khan Academy since I was in high school. It really helped me with a math class last semester. I have trouble with math so if I was struggling, I could go onto Khan Academy and it helped me to remember the basics! My grades have gone up since I started using this website!
    Kiersten @ Autumn Country Girl

  3. I think I need to go to codecademy now!!1 I’ve always wanted to learn how to code. Thanks for sharing!


  4. fit bottom girls and codecademy- two things I definitely need to adhere to! Great post! Thanks so much for sharing!


  5. YES I love online learning/classes! I’ve been using Lynda.com recently — that is, until my free trial ended. Thanks for these new recommendations!

    Sarah | https://sarahracker.com/blog

  6. Codecademy and Khan Academy are my two favourite places. I love learning a new thing or two. Learning to code has helped me customise my own blog cmalia.blogspot.co.uk

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