10 Books You’ll Be Obsessed With This Fall

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I am a serious book addict if you haven’t noticed over the past few years.

And I believe there’s nothing that a good book can’t fix, from heartbreak to the common cold. I always want to talk to people about my love of books, in fact, when the conversation with new people lulls I’m always there to ask them what the best and worst books they’ve ever read were.


When the weather gets colder, it’s all about cozying up, and a good book will definitely help you achieve that. Here are a few of my absolute favorites that will keep you going throughout the colder months…


Book 1: Triptych by Karin Slaughter


Triptych available here.

I’m wary of starting a new series because it always feels like so much effort, but I got sucked into the characters lives and ended up buying a new book every week. The third book, by the way, is seriously gruesome. It’s not always about the grizzly plot, though. It’s also about the characters, their lives and the tangled web they weave. If you’re looking for a crime drama to settle down with and a new book series to power through, this is it.


Book 2: The Resurrection of Joan Ashby by Cherise Wolas


The Resurrection of Joan Ashby available here.

This modern classic is definitely a must-read this season. Joan has planned her life out, she knew she never wanted children, and she wouldn’t let anyone stand in her way. And she’s got it all, she’s a celebrated novelist and she’s happier than ever. When she falls pregnant, though, life is interrupted slightly. Then, she decides to have another child – and life is put on hold again. This book is all about Joan. Joan’s life and her writing. Joan’s version of life changes and she’s resurrected, this is the perfect read for Career Girls.



Book 3: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 


Americanah available here.

Ifemelu and Obinze are two young lovers who leave military-rule Nigeria. Ifelemu heads for America and Obinze for London. Their stories overlap in Nigeria fifteen years later. It’s incredible that Chimamanda can conjure up these very real, 3D, funny characters and you feel like you’re getting an entirely new perspective just from tearing through a book. You won’t want to put this one down.



Book 4:  The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead


The Underground Railroad available here.

This book will sadden and enlighten you. It follows Cora, a young slave, and her escape. She kills a white man while she tries to flee, making her escape all that more difficult. But as you read this, you get a sense of the different ‘worlds’ she’s fleeing into. Each one uniquely dangerous and hostile for a young black woman, her story parallels all good adventure stories but shows a perspective that we all need to remember sometimes.


Book 5: The Nix by Nathan Hill 


The Nix available here.

Want a book that takes you on an epic journey and warms your heart as well as your mind? Nathan Hill has written a book about a huge range of topics from child abandonment to gaming addiction. He is a seriously talented writer, that packs so much knowledge into such a joyful plot. This book is about Samuel, who despite being an adult, is still stuck in a childish hole. That’s all stopped when his mother (who abandoned him when he was 11) commits an infamous crime, and Samuel is tasked with writing her life story.



Book 6: A Little Life 


A Little Life available here.

If you want to read something that might break your heart – try this. It follows four college friends and their successes in life. At first, it seems like a novel about friendship, but then you’re introduced to Jude. And he completely takes over. Jude is not like the others. He suffered abuse by every adult who ever looked after him, and he carries the scars of that around with him. The good news is, Jude’s tragedy creates a bond between his friends that will never break.



Book 7: What Happened 


What Happened available here.

Don’t you want to know what happened? What Hillary thought and felt after her presidential campaign, and after that huge loss she experienced? Hillary has put her thoughts on paper, about her family, how she got over the loss and what really happened in her words. This book is great to read even if you didn’t support her because it gives you the perspective of a woman who has failed, read some of the reviews and you’ll find that this book is seriously divisive. Read this book and feel enlightened.



Book 8:  Sleeping Beauties


Sleeping Beauties available here.

It’s October which means it’s time to let Stephen King work his horrifying magic. With IT in cinemas now and Gerald’s Game is on Netflix, there’s no better time to pick up Sleeping Beauties. Written in collaboration with his son Owen, this book is a twisted take on the Sleeping Beauty legend. When women fall asleep, a cocoon surrounds them. If they’re disturbed they become horrifyingly violent. All but one, Evie, are affected by this Sleeping disease. If you’ve been hooked on The Handmaid’s Tale recently, you are going to adore this. It asks the simple question – what would happen in a world without women?



Book 9: The sun and her flowers


The Sun and her flowers available here.

Rupi Kaur’s poetry is definitely something to curl up with on the weekend. Her bestselling book Milk & Honey has been followed up by this stunning collection of poems, about love, loss, and life. Each poem is beautifully illustrated by Rupi herself. If you need to get through those dark nights and frosty mornings, this book will bring in the sun (and all her flowers).


Book 10: The Women In The Castle 


The Women in The Castle available here.

Three men conspire to kill Hitler. Killed for their betrayal, they leave behind three wives. Three wives who are each going through their own trauma. Marianne made a promise to her husband that she would take care of the other wives, and so she does. She finds them, rescues them and takes them to a castle. But once they’re all reunited, moving past what has happened isn’t as easy as it seemed.

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  1. Thanks for the vast selection of recommendations!


  2. The Women in the Castle is fascinating. Another story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things…Not impressed with The Underground Railroad…too Oprah…depressing and long.

  3. Difficult to take this as a serious recommendation list with “What Happened” listed as a book with purpose.

  4. A Little Life was the most emotionally difficult book I’ve ever read
    Be prepared before you read it

  5. Fabulous list. Some of these I’ve put On my mental read list so it’s good to screenshot these.

    And I would say to anyone reading Ann’s list, if you’re politically to the right or left, don’t discount an entire list just because she put Hillary’s book on her list. It’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Thank you Ann. New to your delightful blog.

  6. Fabulous list. Some of these I’ve put On my mental read list so it’s good to screenshot these.

    And I would say to anyone reading Ann’s list, if you’re politically to the right or left, don’t discount an entire list just because she put Hillary’s book on her list. It’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Thank you Ann. New to your delightful blog.

  7. Seems like you have a narrow interest in books. All comments you make surround Hillary or politics. Do you read History or fiction or playwrights? Makes me wonder if you need more diversity in your readings. There are also wonderful classics. I think you might like British authors or perhaps some poetry.

  8. Sorry to hear that Sheila! You can see from the reviews it’s a very divisive book, and interesting definitely because of that. The other books are definitely not as politically charged though. Beth x

  9. I’d add Jodi Picoult’s ‘Small Great Things’. Personally, found ‘Underground Railroad’ not a great read at all.


  10. A Little Life is absolutely stunning! Was one of my Top books of the year when it came out. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a great experience with Joan Ashby…loved the first half, but thought it was way too long and didn’t like how so much of the second half was dominated by excerpts of her writing.

  11. Great picks, going to have to check of these book out. Thanks for sharing


  12. I did read Hillary’s book … despite the fact that I didn’t vote for her. She lost. Period. Moving forward.

  13. Great list.
    Love Stephen King. He is truly amazing at storytelling and I’m not one for his type of books. But he is different. Can’t wait to get my hands on his newest.
    Hillary’s book was fantastic. A Little Life was amazing!
    Thanks for the others I’ve never heard of.
    I’m a total book junkie :)

  14. Oh thank you all for the recommendations. I think I found my perfect book already. It’s “the sun and her flowers”. But I have to admit I just ordered 4 books or so and I really need to finish some of them before I order another one :D

  15. What list are you looking at? There’s a variety here. And it’s her list. She likes these books. If you dont…fine. Publish your own.

  16. I have read Karin Slaughter before and I am always looking for a good series to read. You have a number of books on your list that sound good to me. Thanks for reviewing.

  17. Thank you for your suggestions. Yes, I have quite a wide range of reading interests. This is the primary reason why I investigate reading lists as I am looking for other perspectives and ideas. I am saddened, however, when I see such recommendations. If the reading list contained recommendations of, say, James Patterson books I would also be disappointed. I make few online comments. I am usually compelled to write when I feel strongly about a subject. One of those subjects is politics and the way we choose and react to those making decisions on our behalf. It is, probably in large part, my extensive reading of American history which leads me to feel this way.

  18. Impressive list. I always enjoy seeing what other women are reading as well as recommendations for new crime series. I am sorry to see there are a few people who only saw one book. I’m reading Nix now–a hefty book. A big escape.

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