How To Create The Coziest Bed Ever In 5 Easy Steps

photo: Stadshem

A good nights sleep is the best way to have a productive day, and a productive day means hitting some serious Girl Goals! Our favorite way to make sure we get a good night’s sleep is to make our beds as cozy as possible, so we’ve gathered our top tips on making your bed your favorite place to be, to help you get the best night’s sleep. But be careful, make it too comfy and you might never leave!

1. Mix your fabrics


Pink Eyelash Fringe Comforter Available Here

I mean come on! Spending time choosing your new sheets is the first way to get a cozy bed. Don’t just choose one with a great pattern, you need to choose one that’ll actually give you that perfect night’s sleep. A comfy, cozy, soft, not too smothering, duvet cover and sheets that you’ll have to be torn away from in the morning. Look how cozy that bed looks, it’s thanks to the layers of ultra comforting sheets, comforters, and tasseled cushions. It’s a perfect blend of textures.

2. When in doubt add cushions


Velvet Cushion Available Here

H&M Home has a wide variety of cushions in all kinds of shades, so you don’t need to break the bank to get that extra dose of comfort. There’s something about having tons of cushions that just makes a bed cozy, even if you throw them on the floor before you go to bed. Just make sure the fabrics you choose are soft, and not too warm or cold for your room, waking up in the night because you’re freezing or sweating is not conducive to a good nights sleep!

3. Make some magic


Globe Fairy Lights Available Here

Is there anything more appealing than a snug evening spent reading under a canopy of fairy lights? We don’t think so! Fairy lights add so much coziness and magic to a room and create the perfect light for reading. Just remember to turn them off before you go to sleep!

4. Invest in silk pillow cases


Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase Available Here

Silk pillow cases are not only incredibly luxurious and make you yearn for your bed, they also have some amazing beauty benefits. A long list of celebrities including Marylin Monroe always use silk pillowcases as they protect your skin and hair from becoming dehydrated, and thus aging. This is due to the silk being less absorbent than cotton, thus it sucks less moisture out of this skin as you sleep, leaving you with shinier hair and glowing skin in the morning!

5. Make your bed your favorite place


Faux Fur Throw Available Here

Adding a cozy faux fur throw to your bed makes going to bed feel like a treat, minimizes chaos, and makes a bedroom into a more serene relaxing place – perfect for getting a good nights sleep! Drape your throw over the bed, and look forward to coming home from the cold, dark commute and curling up.

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  • Preris Life

    Cushions are the way to go! Also silk bedding and some faux fur throws add a touch of elegance to any room!

  • Camilla

    Love this! I wish I was at home in bed now! I love fur throws and pillows but will definitely try silk pillowcases to prevent ageing- who knew!? X

  • Carolina Calpurnia

    I definitely need to invest in at least one silk pillow case for my hair, i have heard that they make wonders!

    Carolina ;)

  • carla m holden

    Redoing my bedroom now! :)

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