Here’s How To Do Yoga In Your Bathtub

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December has finally arrived, which only means one thing: deadlines, family commitments and juggling careers are approaching fast! Our days are packed just like our social calendars, leaving very little ‘me time’ for ourselves and a very little time to take care of our body and exercise. But what if I tell you that there is a new trend that will help you turn your home into your personal gym and squeeze some fitness time into your daily routine?

Yoga in the bath is indeed the ultimate trend for fitness lovers (and fans of bathing). Since celebrity trainer Niki Wibrow has launched a couple of online videos of bath yoga routines, more and more people have decided to give it a go, turning their bathroom into their personal gym with zero membership costs.

Yoga exercises can be done almost everywhere in the house, as long as you have a mat and enough space to move, but there is a specific reason why Niki chose the bath as her perfect exercising place. “It’s the place everybody associates with peace and personal space – it’s better than the living room,’ she told the Daily Mail.

The combination of warm water and simple routines created by actor Zoe Lucker’s trainer will help you soothe your tired muscle while releasing all the stress and negativity of the day.

The routines to follow can vary depending on everyone’s skills but if you want to have an idea of some basics exercise you can do just head to Youtube and watch a couple of Niki’s videos. After all is there anything better that you can think of than stretching out the tension of the day in the steamy air of your own personal space?

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  • Danae García

    I’ve been practicing yoga for years now and it’s so beneficial for the mind and the body! I couldn’t even imagine how great I would feel when I started! Great post!xoxo

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  • Camille Beygui

    I really want to get into yoga but I don’t know where to start


  • Lauren

    Wow this sounds awesome, I’m definitely going to check out the videos. I’ve done yoga for about 8 years now x

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