How To Create A Daily Routine That Works For You


It’s time to create a daily routine that works for you.

Every successful woman has a daily routine. Let’s face it; a routine makes life easier for us. Being spontaneous from time to time is exciting, but for the most part, having a routine keeps you on track for hitting your goals. It’s important first to determine what works best for you, so when it comes to creating a successful, productive routine, you’ll have it nailed. 


Creating a daily routine for yourself is easy. Whether you have a full-time job or are a full-time student, you probably have a lot going on at all times. This lifestyle will not work without a routine. Taking action now most importantly avoids stress later. Get organized girls; it’s time.

Do something for you 

Get up early, because once you’re up, you’ll be surprised at what you can get done. Be productive, work on one of your personal projects. It will leaveyou feeling productive and ready to kick ass. Because a little bit every morning adds up over the weeks, and before you know it, you really are doing it all. 

Create a list

You know how much we love a list. But you may want even to keep a journal in the morning to get your ideas on paper. It’s important to set goals for the day and see how fast you’ll be able to tick them off. One great way to start off your day is to use the Getting Stuff Done planner to start a list for the day and plan out your meals, workouts, how hydrated you are and more.


Pick out a workout that fits you, or perhaps you wish to meditate for fifteen minutes. You’ll be energized, active, and healthier! You can always use the Fit Is The Sh*t planner to plan your workouts in more detail and change your life in just 90 days.


Unlike your morning and evening routine, your afternoon routine is bound to switch up the most. Your afternoon routine should be embedded in staying focused, healthy, and rejuvenated. In order for your work to get done, you need to function and stay energized!

Be like the French

Make the most out of your lunch hour! Get out of the office, sit on the grass, be out in the open. Switch off from work, call a friend, or my savior, reading. 

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What next?

What’s the best way to tackle the rest of the day? Stay hydrated and make sure you are routinely nourishing your bodies. Stay motivated!


Creating an evening routine is a great way to closing the day and relaxing from a day of tasks and responsibilities. Whether you are getting into the swing of unwinding with herbal tea or playing with a facial mask, having an evening routine can seriously help you get a better nights sleep.  

Plan your meals 

Check out a couple of ideas here to give you a sense of which foods may work for you! Cook, actually cook. Take a look at some recipes that excite you, and experiment. Save yourself some money and make it into tomorrow’s lunch too. Or even plan your meals for the next day with the Meal Prep Pad.


Get your butt in the bath, light some candles, grab your book and relax. Shut off with some e peace and quiet.


Work on your skincare, and revamp your skin while you sleep – making sure you’re fresh for tomorrow.

Prepare for tomorrow

Pack your bag the night before, so you’re not running around the next morning. Prep your meals, finish off  your to-do list and be ready and raring to go.

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  1. It can be hard to leave the office here, we love writing articles that much! But I do think it’s important to not only give your brain a break, but also your eyes. Its also a chance to go for a walk and keep active if you’re sat at a desk all day! Now that summers coming up, why not try having a little lunch at a park? Nice and relaxing but also a change in scenery! X

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