The Coolest Things To Put On Your Desk This Week

So, if there’s one thing I go crazy for it’s decorating and interior design. But, if there’s one room I love to do the most, it’s my study or my office. My favorite thing on my desk at the moment is the Getting Things Done planner.

And it’s probably because I’m a stationery addict and get too excited when it comes to organizing my office space. It’s the one place I can come to be me and get things done in true style! I need my space to be clean and well-decorated in a way that boosts my productivity and inspires my creativity. So, if you need some inspiration to do the same, just take a look at these office ideas that will give you desk goals!


1. Take it back to basics


Some of like our office spaces very clean and minimal. And you can pull this off by using black and white together, but to brighten it up you can include other elements like wood and plants to bring the space to life. Remember, you want your space to inspire you to be more productive and for this to happen you need a clean space.






2. Stylish and feminine 


Us Career Girls are taking our office spaces to the next level and this means a lot of furs, marble, and gold – the three trending components to pulling off a stylish space. Velvet chairs and a lot varied sized posters will bring your space the contemporary feeling it needs. Plus, everyone will just be jealous of your office!






3. Cool touches


It’s the little touches that really make a desk. And you can’t go wrong with anything wire – it’s literally overtaking all our offices at the moment! It adds for a cooler, more modern look that means you’re more fun than corporate. And to truly encapsulate this into your office go for anything rose gold or gold to really make it stand out!






4. Minimalist with a flare


Before minimalism was very basic and usually two-toned featuring black and white colors. But now it’s getting a lot more exciting. Don’t be afraid to use colors like rose gold to bring a space to life and give it some edge – especially when you’re counteracting against black. You can be modern and chic if you pull this off correctly!






5. The organizer 


The organizer loves to have a space and a thing for everything – take it from someone who is one! I love to have a lot of components that come together to organize my stationery. And you can make organization stylish by just choosing the right items that have a bit of color and shape. Geometric shapes are working really well right now and will make you the cool girl of organization.






6. The modern professional


Every young modern professional needs a space that she can define as her own. And this is exactly that space. If you like pink you can still include it in your office space, just be really blocky with it and stick to pastel shades. Next, make sure to block it against surrounding accessories – don’t choose the same colors for your lampshade or your wall art – your mix and matching can actually look like a well thought out space.






7. The creative den


If you’re anything like me, then you like your office space to be really cosy and a den that you can escape to and lose yourself in. As a writer I need this sort of space, which means fairylights, photos for inspiration and very basic elements. That way your surroundings are only for giving you a feeling and inspiring you.






8. The urban decorator


If you’re definitely more of a cool girl and love Urban Outfitters then sort of decorating is for you. It’s effortless decorating, where you can bring so many elements together to make one true, cool space. You can pull this off by including gold plants pots, tiny shrubbery and wooden elements.






How do you like your office?



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  1. Hi Fatima – I’ve just moved into my new home and am building my office currently! It’s my favorite space to decorate!

  2. Nothing wrong with colors – they can influence your mood. But if you’re looking for a more simple, professional touch then your other idea sounds great!

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