How I Finally Learned To Create The Perfect Work/Life Balance



I bet I’m not the first person to tell you that a healthy work-life balance is important. And I won’t be the last. I know what it’s like. Staying in the office until you force yourself to go home, checking and replying to emails on the sly and not being able to switch off even when you’re with friends. As ambitious, hard-working women our careers come first. And whilst there’s nothing wrong with that.

But it can become a problem when you’re not maintaining any sort of balance. I know that you want to succeed, but all work and no play means you’ll burn out quicker and not perform at your best. So, do you want to know how you can achieve this so-called “balance”? Then read below:


1. Let go of the fear

Sometimes you just have to say no. And I’m not one of those people who like to. I believe that I can do anything asked of me, but I’ve learned over time that sometimes saying “no” is ok too. Your boss is human too. They can understand that you can’t do everything. And they can actually understand the need for downtime.

You’re not being an awful employee if you’re being upfront and clear when you can’t do something. But it’s just not this fear you have to let go. Leaving your work can be just like leaving your child for the first time. You can’t help but check, you can’t help but worry. But it will be fine. What can happen in one night? Let go.


2. Create boundaries

Like I said previously, saying no can be hard, especially when your boss needs you. If you have a high-demanding job you will know that it’s not as easy as just putting your phone down. It’s something only others with high-demanding jobs will understand. But, the one thing I find the worst is when you’re out with friends and you can’t put down your phone or switch off from work.

Don’t let one seep into the other. Keep it separate. If you’re out with friends unless it’s an absolute emergency just turn it off. Be clear in your communication and let your boss know what you’re up to, that way you can relax when you’re supposed to be relaxing!


3. Set appointments for yourself

Just like your work appointments and to-do lists are organized and scheduled, so should be your downtime. In order to make sure you’re having a life outside of work, you have to plan for it to make sure it happens. Look at your week, put in your work appointments and to-dos and see where you have some time.

Learn to manage your time better and be realistic in the times you set yourself for tasks. See where you have free time and schedule in your must-needed break. Write it down and stick to it.


4. Focus on energy, not time

Our energy levels are all different. When I’m feeling energetic at a certain time, it doesn’t mean you will feel energetic at the same time. So, by getting to know your own energetic cycle and knowing when you feel most energetic and when you feel most tired. Use the times where you feel most energetic to be productive and the times where you’d rather be watching Netflix to actually do it! This will help you divide your time and create that balance.


5. Create the balance at home

Sometimes we’re expected to be Wonder Woman and it’s not simply possible. We’re the women who believe we have to do it all and think happiness will just come as a result. But your home life has to be just as organized as your work life. And I’ve said this a million times. Since I’ve started doing this I’ve managed to create and maintain a balance. You have to delegate at home.

If a million and one chores are holding you back ask someone else to do them, or at least some of them whilst you’re at work. Households work together and don’t just rely on one person. Plus, you just can’t do it all and expect to have some free time!


How do you unwind? Let us know in the comments section below



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  1. The way I unwind is based on my energy. If I’m in a relaxing mood I’ll treat myself to an at home spa. Or if I’m feeling productive and full of energy I might do a HIIT work out, or maybe even start a project I’ve been meaning to work on. Focusing on energy instead of time is a great idea to manage a healthy work/life balance.

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