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Sophie Davies is the brains behind The Private Life Of A Girl, a lifestyle blog that focuses on everything minimal and chic. Her blog is clean and reflects her personal style, she has 17,000 followers on Bloglovin’ and regularly blogs alongside her full-time job.

I’ve been wondering how to juggle a personal blog with a business, so I picked her brain on her blog, jewellery business and everything in between.

Why did you start a blog?
My blog started as a bit of a joke between friends; I suggested I might start a beauty blog and my friends encouraged me to do it . . . so I did. Since then it’s transformed several times from pure beauty content to creative lifestyle advice, to what it is now: a minimal lifestyle blog heavy on slow fashion and minimal living posts. It’s important for a blog to grow, it’s a sign of authenticity and a true reflection of the person behind the blog. Things would get a little stale if we stuck to writing about a very narrow field of topics.

What’s your favorite part of blogging?
I really love engaging with the blogging community but especially my readers. I love receiving comments, getting to know people, and sharing what we’ve learned about ethical shopping and living a minimal lifestyle. It’s a really important aspect of blogging that I think bloggers tend to overlook but shouldn’t. Readers can teach us a lot about what we’re doing right (and wrong!) and how we can improve the content we write to make it more interesting.

How often do you post, do you think it’s important to have strategies for blogging?

For a couple of years I posted daily but now I post four times a week and I post specific content on different days. I definitely believe having a “blogging strategy” and an editorial calendar is crucial for maintaining consistency and a regular stream of content. I also think it’s crucial that we reassess that strategy regularly to make certain it’s working; I stopped posting daily because it’s tough to write quality content at such a fast pace. I decided to reduce the amount of posts I publish on a weekly basis so I could focus on creating more useful, informative content that goes more in-depth on the subjects I’m writing about.

Do you have any tips for aspiring bloggers?
Patience and confidence, those are two things you need in abundance when it comes to blogging. You have to be confident and proud of the content you’re writing otherwise you’ll fall into the trap of comparing your blog to all the others out there. You really have to believe in what you’re doing and the content you’re writing. Building a readership and growing a blog takes patience and perseverance, you have to go all-in to see results; having the confidence to share what you create online and being proud of what you do is key to achieving that.

How did you grow your following?
I invested a lot of time in reading other blogs, engaging with bloggers, and sharing my content on social media to build my readership. It takes a lot of promotion to get a blog noticed, something people often shy away from but it’s super important to share content, making use of hashtags, Twitter chats, and networking opportunities. If we’re engaged it follows that other people will engage with us.

How do you manage work with blogging and keep yourself motivated and inspired?
I’m a self-employed jewellery designer and business owner; my full-time job is running a jewellery brand called Oh My Clumsy Heart. Blogging is a huge part of my life and plays a key role in my business. Blogging is so important it’s technically a second job, the amount of work it requires means I split my time between the two fairly evenly. Balancing the shop and blog requires a lot of hard work to make sure I’m not neglecting one or the other; I plan my weeks out dedicating specific days for creating content for both for the blog and the shop.

What’s the best blogging advice you’ve ever received?

“Write the blog you want to read.” It’s so important to be proud of your blog and the content you create, if you’re not, then how can you expect anyone else to be interested in what you’re doing? Writing a blog you would want to read is a great way to stay passionate and driven.


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  • LisaLDN

    Love these tips! I actually haven’t heard of her blog, but now I’ll have to have a look! :)


  • Hannah Lucy

    Great post. Couldn’t agree more with the last point!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Lou

    This is a great post and I’ll need to save this to keep referring back to. Love the advice in the last point. It is so important to write about something you are passionate about and the readers will be able to see the passion when they read and view the blog.


  • Camille

    She’s right, I never write a post I think I wouldn’t read on an another blog, it’s primordial to really love what you do, I think people feel that, if you really like blogging or not ! x

  • Oana Cristina

    This interview was so nice!

    I totally agree with her tips about being patient and being confident about your blog. Also consistency (in updating your content & presence in social media) is super important.

  • Olivia Bossert

    That line “write the blog you want to read.” I can relate to that SO much. I love Sophie’s blog so, so much, and read it regularly. I’ve seen the changes she’s made and I think it’s so great that she’s happy to follow her heart and whatever interests her. And her jewellery really is gorgeous!

  • Keshia White

    These are great tips! I definitely need to step in up when it comes to promoting and networking…as someone who really just enjoys creating content, promotion is almost a chore, but I’m getting better. Thanks for sharing!


  • Renee Alexis Taladua

    Gosh, patience and confidence – the two things I need to improve in myself. Thank you for these tips, Beth! I will surely keep these in mind.

  • Adeniyi Esther

    I am once more motivated again. I need so much more of confidence. Been feeling a little bit low about my content for a while but heck yeah, this is what I needed. Lifestyle Blogging can be so much of all the fun we want it to be.

  • Kate (Petite Adventures)

    Really great advice for any and all bloggers – thanks!

    Kate |

  • Camille Beygui

    Amazing advice

  • Holly

    Love this post! I started my blog in January alongside my full time job, it’s taken a lot of determination to continue and build my following. I’ve had a great entry into the blogosphere so far and hope it continues :)

    Holly at xx

  • Ana

    Love “Private Life Of A Girl”, it is one of my favourite Blogs so I am so glad to read this cute Little interview with her. :) xx Ana

  • completelyrambling

    I recently started following ‘Private Life Of A Girl’ and loveee the look of it. This was a really great post, super helpful but not too intense. I sometimes feel like blog advice posts can get really full on sometimes. I like that this has an emphasis on being true to yourself!



  • Lucywachowe

    Great advice, love what she said about having confidence and patience.

  • Janiah Adams

    It’s so true that blogging takes patience and confidence. If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, who else will?

  • Erin Henry (erinmayfitness)

    Just an inspirational post OMG, thanks so much! And thanks for giving me another blogger to follow.. cue binge reading session.

  • Lan Ho

    This was exactly what I needed to read. Sometimes we get so caught up in life, we forget why we started blogging in the first place. This was a great reminder to not be so hard on yourself, but just work hard, be confident in what you post, and enjoy the process!

  • Keating Bartlett

    This is what I needed today. I love this so much. My blog is currently going through a ton of changes at the moment and I dream of turning it into my full-time business. I love her advice on creating the blog you want to read. I heard this advice a while ago and try my hardest to follow it :)

    xo, Keating | Keating & Co.

  • Elyse Love

    This was great. My blog has been around for almost a year and it’s finally hit it’s stride to where I’m very proud of all the content I produce and I understand the purpose of the blog. Now, I have to get better at self promotion. It’s so hard for me!

    Elyse Love, MD
    the life+career blog for twenty+thirty somethings in medicine.

  • Hayley at Quirky Little Planet

    Ive been blogging since 2012 but I think my lack of patience and confidence means I haven’t seen the results I would have liked. Must stop comparing myself to everyone else! Thanks :-)

  • Brandy

    This was exactly the article I needed today…Very encouraging, thank you!

  • Kristen

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this information! I am just staring and LOVE blogging, and am excited to see what comes out of it :) – just the beginning… xo thank you for inspiring

  • Mama Sow

    So many great tips about blogging thank you for sharing her story ! I actually wrote down in my notebooks one of the last sentence “Write a blog you would like to read” that is so true and important.

  • Arielle Marynn

    Patience & confidence! I’m still working on the latter but they are so true! Does anyone know of any twitter chats that are good to join? Thanks for the read I really enjoyed it!

  • Elliane S.

    I love this interview! It’s so full of helpfuI information. I just recently started to blog about my favourite topic poetry and am still trying to build myself a blogging schedule, and figuring everything else out. I do agree, that a great thing about blogging is receiving comments and getting to know people who share the same interests with you :)

  • Skylar Allen

    Such great advice! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful interview.

    xo, Skylar

  • Viva la Dolce

    Great advice! Really good point about having a set blogging schedule, which is something I am trying to organize at the moment.

  • lifettitude

    I’m 50 years old and I started blogging as a hobby because I love writing. I have reached all my goals in life and the only thing I want is to enjoy the process. Nice interview!!!! Congrats!

  • Riham

    Loved this post and the inspiring advice! Thanks for sharing :)

    Riham xx

  • Amy

    I recently started enjoying it.

  • Adina Barbu

    Great advice and a huge inspiration. I’m struggling with consistency for my blog but I realize how important it is. Thank you for this post!

  • Stephanie Hartley

    I love that saying, ‘write the blog you want to read’! I’ve found that when I’m brainstorming ideas, the posts I come up with that I would be most interested in reading are the ones that do best once they’re published. I’m definitely going to think about this more frequently from now on!

    Steph –

  • Water In The Cellar

    This is really great advice. We just started a blog after months of dithering, and finally got going. I especially like the idea of writing a blog I want to read – that’s what tipped us over the edge of actually doing it!

  • Jennifer Sarpy

    This was inspiring! In the beginning, it seems almost impossible to get any views or readers. I haven’t officially launched but I definitely will keep putting posts out there and being patient :-) Any other NEW BLOGGERS out there who want to support each other, please let’s network! My blog is still until I get my domain soon. A Splash of Jenn will be a big name one day soon let’s share ideas and collaborate!

    • Chaz Knight 247


  • Anna

    Love this post! It’s so true that success doesn’t come overnight!

  • Jessica Bowman

    Thank you so much for the inspiration and thoughtful advice! I’m just ramping up with my new blog and soaking it all in. Thank you!

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