8 CV Templates That Will Get You The Job

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What could be easier than a CV or resume template? All you have to do is choose a template relevant to your industry and experience, input your information and send them off. Your CV/resume says a lot about you, and it’s not just about the information you put in it, it’s about how it looks. As a minimum, it should be clean, easy to read, and well laid-out. Which is why we love templates!

When a recruiter or employer has a stack of applications to go through, you want yours to leave a lasting impression. Here are our favorite professional templates for any job role to download…


1. A creative black and white template

Maybe you’re a blogger or you’re applying for a creative role, this template is perfect as it shows some creative flair whilst still being professional and clean. You can even add a headshot to it. See the full template here.


2. Modern and minimalistic

Gray and white is a safe color scheme, it’s not overpowering or too much. This simple template makes all your relevant information clear and easy to read, and you can list relevant skills on the right hand side. It’s fully customizable, comes with multiple pages and a cover letter template, and even comes with icons to use. The best thing about it? It’s perfect for a wealth of different job roles. Find the template here.

3. Clean template with a logo

For something professional with a playful twist, you can input your initials and make a cool logo in the top right hand corner of this template. Perfect if you’re building a brand, recognized as a creative person, or just want a memorable element to your minimalistic CV. Find the template here.

4. A creative pink template

Pink is a very powerful color. You’ve probably noticed a lot of lifestyle books use pink. Of course, this template is more useful in a creative or fashion role. It would even be good for an arts role, providing the company is creative and informal. Find the template here.

5. Simple and pink

If you’re applying for a creative yet formal job, you can use a touch of color to stand out, a pink header is chic and different without being overpowering or unprofessional. Find the template here.

6. Something a bit different

This template is completely different, so perfect for a job role where you have to stand out and be different. It’d work if you’re a freelancer, or working in editorial, touches of pink make it feminine and chic. Find the template here.

7. Simple and professional

Sometimes pink and pretty just won’t cut it. If you want to be taken seriously, you need a formal, straightforward template. This one is simple and saves you time designing it. Ready to be taken seriously? Find the template here.

8. Clean, chic, and classic

This gray-toned template is a slightly cool and clearer upgrade to the average professional template. To be taken seriously you don’t always have to stick with black and white. It’s classic, well-designed, and seriously professional. Find it here.



What do you think of these templates? Have you ever used one before – let us know in the comments below…

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