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Even if you’re in your dream job, it’s always good to have an updated CV. These days, it doesn’t take a ton of technical skills to get it done either. You just need to be creative if you want to stand out. We used to learn to make CVs in school that were hideous on the eyes and full of unnecessary content. These days we know its the design that makes the employer stop and look.

Take it from someone who has read a lot of CVs, a happy mixture of both will get you far. Since there are so many cool alternatives to your Microsoft Word Document, I decided to round them up for you, right here.


1. The Sales Girl


Modern Resume $6 available here

With this CV your experience is going to be the highlight, so if you’ve got all the relevant experience then you should use this CV to show it off! You’ll even have space for all those personal details on the side! Buy it here.


2. The Young Professional


Professional Resume Template $6 available here


If you’re just breaking into the industry it’s important to make sure your CV is noticeable. So, if you want to add a little flavor to your CV but not go over the top then use this template your advantage. It will definitely make you stand out among the pile, but for all the right reasons. Buy it here.

3. The Academic


Professional and Modern Resume $13.56 availalbe here


Show off your academics with this template. Designing and writing your CV is all about understanding your strengths, and if education is yours, then you’ll want to show this off in your template by giving off this impression with your design. Buy it here.

4. The Media Girl


Resume Template $18.24 available here


Add a bit of color without turning your CV into a rainbow! It will not only make you stand out but will give a sense of you and feeling. And this is perfect for anyone wanting to get into media – follow the template for success! Buy it here.

5. The Creative Type


Modern Resume Template $12.16 available here


If you’re really creative it’s super hard to show it off on a CV. You don’t want to use a lot of adjectives or language that is meant for a novel, so reflecting your personality can be done with the design. Simple changes to layout and features can really make the difference. Buy it here.

6. The Style Savvy

Resume Template $6 available here


If you have your sights on the fashion industry then this design will be perfect for separating you from the competition. Not everyone goes with graphically designed CVS and yours so nicely designed will show you have an eye for aesthetic and encourage this. Buy yours here.

7. The Artist


The Modern Resume $13.08 available here


You want your CV to reflect your personality and your dream, so if you’re into the arts, or an artist yourself adding a small portion of this onto your CV is really special and really unique. Buy yours here.

8. The Marketeer


Tamara Resume $13.39 available here


Showcase yourself properly with this design! Don’t be afraid to make a statement – if you are a marketer, you need to know how to market yourself! And that will be noticed! Buy yours here.

9. Suitable For All


Modern Resume $18 available here


This easy template will be perfect for you no matter what career you’re going after. It’s simple but effective and gets out all the relevant information. It’s not boring but not too out there either. Buy yours here.

10. The Graphic Girl


Modern CV Template $18 available here


Because you work in graphic design, you have no excuse not to have a well-designed CV! It was you guys that gave us the inspiration to take our CVS to the next level! You need a page to highlight your skills and this is the perfect one for that. Buy yours here.

11. The Graphic Girl


Resume Template $9 available here


If you’ve only done work experience and are ready to go out and get ’em this is the perfect CV for highlight your experience. Show everything you’ve done on a timeline and show the company that you are the right one for the job. Buy yours here.

12. The Designer


Resume Template $18.60 available here


I love this CV, it really shows that you have a good eye for aesthetics and design but is very minimalistic! It’s the small touches that really make all the difference. Buy yours here.

13. The Professional


Modern Resume $18 available here


When you want to be more business, it’s important to really tone it down. But toning it down doesn’t mean being boring. You can still incorporate a little bit of design and still be professional. Buy yours here.


14. The Corporate Girl


Resume Template $18 available here


You can be as corporate as you want but that doesn’t mean you have to live your life in black and white. Your CV can be nicely designed, but still, communicate that you’re a serious hard working professional. And that’s why this sleek template is perfect! Buy yours here.



What do you think of these CV templates?



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