The 24 Minute Morning Routine That Will Make You Successful

daily morning routine


There are hundreds of opinions when it comes to choosing a daily morning routine, but time management experts agree on this: you need to have a daily morning routine to launch a successful day. 

Matthew Toren, a serial entrepreneur and a contributor to, has shared his very precise and very efficient daily morning routine that promises a powerful productivity boost. The 24 minute morning routine has an impact that lasts all 24 hours.

Get ready for a great day in six simple steps with the 24 minute morning routine.

1. Brush your teeth (2 minutes)
While your whole body was resting throughout the night, little evil bacteria in your mouth were teaming up to cause some damage. Taking two minutes to brush your teeth thoroughly will ensure that you start your day truly fresh and ready to rock with a Hollywood smile!

2. Drink water (1 minute)
Countless studies highlight the importance of morning hydration. Can we add more to it? Nope. Just drink that H2O. Your body and your brain will be thankful.

3. Meditate (7 minutes)
We tend to think of meditation as a lengthy process, but Matthew claims that even as little as seven minutes of peace can make a huge difference.

Whether you use apps like Headspace, or just sit still and watch your breath, this little ritual will help you clear your mind and bring more harmony and structure to your life.

4. Focus (5 minutes)
Calmed down by the meditation, your mind is now perfectly ready to define the priorities and goals for the day.

Set your alarm for five minutes and think about the direction you want your day to take. Map out the key activities and milestones that you need to reach. When the alarm goes off, your mind will have a clear layout of how to approach the new day.

5. Exercise (7 minutes)
“You have to move your body to move your brain and ideas around,” says Matthew, and we couldn’t agree more.

A seven-minute morning workout is no excuse for skipping the gym later, but it is a perfect way to energize your body and lift your spirits early on.

6. Stretch (2 minutes)
Now that you’ve broken some sweat and got some endorphins run through your body, take two minutes to gently stretch your muscles. This will help you gain more flexibility, both in your body and in your mind.

After this, take a rewarding shower and go conquer the world. You are definitely ready to do it.


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  1. Haha I love this post!! I love stretching in the morning – even for just two minutes?Makes such a difference!!

    Shii x

  2. Wonderful list of tips! I do most of these things in the morning, but I really should exercise and meditate a bit more as it does seem to really get you prepared for the day!

    My Lovelier Days

  3. You guys should do a post on how to overcome depression and deal with tough times in your life.

    All your advice is amazing and I always turn to you if i need motivation or to believe in myself all over again.

    x Mila
    My blog ??

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