How To Create A Daily Routine You’ll Actually Stick To


Looking for some daily routine tips that will actually help you get your life together? Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you’re not sure where to start right now, don’t worry. Take a step back and figure out what you need to achieve, grab a piece of paper and a pen and write everything down, and get ready to start a daily routine you’ll actually stick to.

1. Start with a plan of attack

You need to treat life like a bull with horns and just grab it! And with anything in life, you need a plan first to prepare you for your next stages.

The action of writing something actually helps your brain process and learn that information. There are a few different ways to plan your day. You can start with a brain dump or use a project planner to break your day into manageable chunks or go straight in with an undated daily planner that helps you plan your self-care.

You might find you need a planner that helps you stay focused for longer than just your day-to-day, which is why a week plan or a yearly diary might work for you. If you struggle to plan, you need to find the right planner for you. Find out how to plan your perfect day according to your personality type here.


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2. Take it back to the beginning

If you can’t stick to your daily routine, you’re probably adding too much to it. Simplify it, take it back to the beginning, and start building it from there. Make small changes and keep track of how they affect your mood, your daily planning, and the tasks you complete.

Don’t expect to wake up one hour earlier, go for a run, prepare breakfast lunch and dinner ahead, write a novel, record an album, hike a mountain, and finish your work to-dos before having a self-care bath, doing your skincare routine and making time for friends and family. It’s never going to happen. Use the Win At Life journal to focus on one or two core things and do them for a few weeks to see if they become a habit.


3. Track your deadlines

This is one of those daily routine tips that just makes sense. When you track your deadlines, you know what you’ve missed. But also, you know where your routine needs a little bit of help. Maybe you missed the deadline because you didn’t plan properly, or maybe you had too many things on your plate.

Make sure you’re always one step ahead and be organized when it comes to meeting your targets and deadlines.
The easiest way I’ve ever found was to highlight every single thing once it’s been done, adding a time next to every task and ticking it off as I go.

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