6 Things Every Independent Girl Knows About Dating


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Being single isn’t always fun and games. Especially when, like me, you’re trying to find love in the city. Trust me, it’s not like Sex and The City would have you imagine! So, recently I’ve been using Badoo and I have to say, I’m hooked. It’s the biggest dating network in the world and the only app that seems to appreciate that I’m a woman with ambitions. I use it to search for lookalikes (who wouldn’t date a Leonardo Dicaprio lookalike?) but when it comes down to it it’s all about the connection – and the conversation for me.


And when it comes to my independence it’s not something I’m backing down from, and something you never should either! So, don’t worry girls, I’ve been in the dating game long enough to show you how you’ll never have to sacrifice it, and if there’s one thing you should do today it’s download Badoo!

1. We know love isn’t around every corner

The first thing that you realize quite quickly is that love doesn’t just happen. It’s true what they say, love comes when you least expect it. But, when there are a lot of guys who are threatened by a woman’s independence it means that finding the right one in the first place isn’t easy. The truth is, there’s going to be a lot of losers and you will have to kiss a lot of frogs. But there’s plenty of ways to keep your search for Mr. Right a fun and easy one!

It’s not an easy thing to come out and say, but using a dating app will make it a lot easier. Honestly, I like the conversations I’ve been having on Badoo and the friendships that have blossomed – because it’s not all about finding the one.

2. We’re not looking for Prince Charming 

We’re not exactly asking for a Prince, just a guy that is proud that we have ambitions and understands this. We don’t need a guy to take us out to fancy restaurants and pay the tab, we’ve got that covered. I need a man, who knows my career isn’t just a hobby and gets it when I say I have to work late. There doesn’t have to be a glass slipper involved, just support.

3. There’s no time for games 

We’re pretty busy women and we know what we want. There’s no point doing the whole back and forth, guessing games that we’ve had growing up. Dating doesn’t have to be complicated, it should be straightforward. I actually downloaded Badoo at first because it’s super secure you have to verify your phone number and can connect accounts like LinkedIn. I was getting sick of the dating game because of all the time wasters. But I like how there a lot of ambitious guys on board, as a guy with ambition has no time to mess around. If a guy is making you guess, then he’s a time waster.

4. We know when we can do better

I like to show off my success and career on dates, I think it’s my own special thing that separates me from everybody else. I am me, and I’m happy with that. But, I had this one guy who stopped talking to me when he found out what job I do – and he hasn’t been the first. Have you ever had that? I guess it’s down to intimidation. But guys like this aren’t worth keeping around in the first place, Mr. Right will realize your career isn’t his career. Mr. Right would be proud to have a woman who works so hard – the rest is shall we say, history!

5. We’re not that “scary”

I think some guys have in their head that a strong-minded career girl is some scary parody of a feminist. Just because we like to split the bill, or even pay for it all doesn’t mean we are “men haters”. We’re just used to looking after ourselves and like to, we’ve got our own money that we work hard for so why can’t we spend it? We may have high demanding jobs, but it’s not like we’re asking them to do it for us! It’s bogus to think just because we have goals we’re intimidating. So don’t ever lose that strength, because there will be a guy who loves it!

6. We don’t NEED a man

We’re not on the lookout for a man so it can fill a void in our lives. This isn’t a Jane Austen novel, we don’t need to marry someone to have a life. We have our own. Marriage isn’t the first thing on our minds, we’re not trying to trap a guy, we’re just trying to fall in love. It’s not a question of need, but of want. No relationship should define who you are, your life should be the same with or without them.


 Do you feel the same? Let’s chat about it in the comments!


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