5 Dating Rules You Need To Forget Right Now

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Dating is a mystery. Some people even see it as a game, with strategic moves that you need to learn to win! Finally securing a date with the cute guy at the coffee shop (you just happen to run into daily at 8:00 a.m.)  you have been secretly eyeing for weeks is a huge win. Now you have the real work cut out for you!

In order to stay on top of the game, we’ve all heard there are rules to follow. Rules like, don’t text first or wait between messages. Eye roll. It’s the twenty-first century and sorry honey but we don’t play by those rules no more. It’s time to break free and win at your own dating game. Rules are meant to be broken, and honestly, these 5 should be the first to go.

Rule #1 Let him pick up the check

On the first date, there’s a lot to think about. Nowadays it’s all about whether they actually look like their Tinder pic. And for that matter, whether they think you do, too. You’re wondering if it’s going well. If your date is into you. If you have food in your teeth. You honestly just don’t know. Then comes the check at the end of the evening, which can be accompanied by an awkward 10-second silence. Why don’t we split it? Equality means that we can pay for ourselves, too!

Rule #2 Choose dainty meals

As women, we are told to portray ourselves as ladylike at all times. There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing class and proper etiquette if you’re most comfortable that way, but you don’t have to go hungry because of it. Don’t choose those skimpy salads during date night. Order food you will truly enjoy eating. Embracing who you are by what you order shows character, and guys will see you as genuine and fun. I read a story about Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar recently, he knew she was the one because she didn’t order a salad, and instead ate literally everything the restaurant threw at her. Cute!

Rule #3 Pick me up at my door

It’s a weird rule, right. One that I don’t think many people follow these days, but movies and shows portray the guy picking up the girl and dropping her back safely. It seems to be more of a rule for your parents and gives your dad a prime opportunity to intimidate your date before you leave. Now that you are older and wiser, that rule isn’t important anymore. Do you really want every person you choose to date knowing where you live right away? Play it safe and choose to meet at the chosen location. Take comfort in knowing you can leave safely and confidently whenever you choose.

Rule #4 Don’t call or text

The real test is 24 hours after the date is over. We tend to be a nervous wreck during this time because if they don’t call or text by then, we now know it wasn’t meant to be. Seems pretty dramatic but ladies we all know it is true, but that stress is unnecessary. If you enjoyed the date and the company, there is nothing wrong with sending a quick text saying exactly that. They could be nervously waiting on a sense of confirmation as well, break the ice first. Keep it simple, sweet, and flirty.

Rule #5 Focus on one date at a time

Dating may not be the easiest thing to do correctly when you are searching for your perfect match. Just getting a date with someone you are interested in can be a hard task, but don’t be so quick to over commit. A date is just a foot in the door to a potential relationship in the future. Explore the market by keeping your options open. Automatically adopting a single focus on one guy might lead to disappointment, and hey, dates can be fun. Why not? You meet lots of new people and might even grow your friendship group.



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  1. Deffo agree with the first one! I always offer to pay or split the bill. I’m a working woman, I don’t need someone to pay for me.


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