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Day 9 Careergirlchallenge: 5 Reasons To Go For A Run Tomorrow




Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying your 30-day challenge! Can you believe it is Day 9!?? I honestly don’t even understand right now. Why does time fly by so fast? Tomorrow it’s time for a run. We give you five reasons why you should go for a run tomorrow! How



1. Running makes you happier.
If you’ve been working out regularly, you’ve already discovered it: No matter how good or bad you feel at any given moment, exercise will make you feel better.

2. Running helps you lose some weight.
You know that exercises burn calories while you’re working out. The bonus is that when you exercise, the burn continues after you stop.

3.Running strengthens your knees.
It’s long been known that running increases bone mass, and even helps stem age-related bone loss.

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4. Running will keep you sharper, even as you age.
Worried about “losing it” as you get older? Working out regularly will help you stay “with it.”

5. Running reduces your risk of cancer.
Maybe running doesn’t cure cancer, but there’s plenty of proof that it helps prevent it.


See you tomorrow ladies!


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  1. Abbie says

    LOVE these and totally agree with them – running gives me that runners high that I LOVE!

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