How To Deal With Friend Envy

Being jealous of a friend is a far worse feeling than being jealous of a model with perfect skin or an actress with an amazing wardrobe. The difference between friend envy and envying someone you don’t know or aren’t close with is the guilt. When jealous of a friend you are stuck in a cycle of envy and guilt that is not good for you or your friendship. Instead of letting envy consume you, try and overcome it.


This is a story as old as time. Girl meets boy, girl falls head over heels for said boy, girl is too busy to see her friends, friends end up hurt and jealous. Most likely every girl has been left in the dust when their friend has a new boyfriend. But let’s be real, most girls have been the one staring in the disappearing act too.

So if you find yourself jealous of all the time a friend is spending with a new love interest, try and remember that this is just a temporary stage of their relationship. It’s normal to get swept up in a new relationship and in all reality it is a good way to get to know someone quickly. After a few months, if the relationship even lasts that long, the couple will return to normal and you will have your friend back. Instead of being envious, be happy that she is so happy and be patient.


You’re at brunch with your bestie and she has an announcement to make. She got promoted at work. Again. It’s unfortunately all too easy to compare yourself to the people you are closest to, but your friends success is not a reflection of where you are in your career. Instead of feeling insecure and jealous, look to your friend for advice. She loves you and will gladly share all of her secrets to finding success.


Do you find yourself feeling jealous about almost everything your friend does? She speaks three languages, cooks gourmet food, is a pilates pro, has the perfect Chloe Faye bag and manages to keep her house really clean all the time. It’s time to harvest that envy for a better purpose.

If you want to learn a new language sign up for a French class at your local community college. If you wish you were a better cook, jump into the kitchen and start experimenting. Instead of wasting your energy feeling jealous, use it to be happier. Better yet, include your friend in these new activities and you will both be happier.

Have you ever experienced major friend envy? How did you handle it? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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  • Amanda Brooks

    This is such a great post! No matter how confident we are or how happy we are, there are always those times we see a friend accomplish something and instantly have the green-eyed monster come out in us! We’ve all been there, but your comment about asking that friend who got the raise for advice is spot on! If they are your friend, they will be willing to share all of their secrets to success :)


  • Emma Murray

    In high school (oh the days of high school) I had a past friend who was envious of me. I remember I got onto the prefect board and she didn’t and she’d hardly talk to me for a while because of it. She was extremely competitive whereas I’m not and so she’d put up this glass ceiling over me as mum would call it. I didn’t realise it because I didn’t think my best friend wanted me to fail. Whenever something good happened to me she’d always have to one up. I don’t find that I get jealous with what happens in my friends lives – it’s their life not mine and I have my life to live :) Em xx

  • Rachel

    This jealousy issue is realer than we think. these are such great advices. =)

    Rachel x

  • Camille Beygui

    Great post



    Loved this post! So spot on x

  • Clarissa Hediger

    Thank you! Exactly the kind of post I wanted to read about ! :)

  • Meow HK

    You can also be jealous of your siblings or sister.. in my case my sister is a go getter and i love her for that but i do get my pings of jealousy at times.. but i always ask for advice from her and then it helps!

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