How To Deal With A Job You Hate But Have To Stay In

No matter whether it’s the people, the pay or the place, being in a job you hate can be really tough. It can drain your energy and leave you searching for the nearest escape route. However jumping out the pan and into the fire is a risky strategy, so here’s a couple of ideas to help you cope and maybe even learn not to hate it.

Work out what the problem is: It can be hard to take an objective look at things when you wake up each morning dreading getting out of bed, but when you can’t isolate the root cause of the problem then you start hating everything. Try to take a step back and be honest about what’s not working and the reasons for it as well as some of the positives. You may find that part of the issue is your own attitude. It’s easy to slip into a downward spiral of negativity and if you’re approaching work in this way then you’ll breed more negativity around you and so the vicious circle continues.

Find ways to challenge yourself: If it’s boredom or routine that’s getting you down, then don’t wait for someone to come along and fix. It’s time to take your career in your own hands. Put yourself forward for projects or suggest new ideas that you can take the lead on. Challenge yourself! Even if the task seems a little dull, think of the experience you are gaining or as an opportunity to get involved in something that you’d never normally otherwise. You’ll surprise yourself at what you might learn.

Seek satisfaction outside the workplace: Although your career may be a big part of your life, it is still only a part. So if things aren’t quite going to plan in this area then perhaps focus your time on finding satisfaction in other areas. Not only will this help your overall mood it will make work less of a focus, and you’ll probably find that things in work either start to improve or you start to see new opportunities.

Create a plan: If things are really that bad then it’s probably time to create an exit strategy. It may take a while but set yourself a deadline and work out the steps that you need to take in order to get out. Even if you don’t exactly know all the steps or answers at this stage, having a plan in place and deadline will give you a boost of motivation as you’ll be working towards making a change. This will lift your spirits and may the day-to-day a little easier to bear, knowing that it’s not forever.

If you can’t change the job, then you have to change the way you look at it.

Written by Hayley Wintermantle.