This Decor Trend Will Be Huge This Season

There was a time when neon lights were reserved for clubs, bars, and diners. Far from being an interior decorating trend, they used to be used primarily as a form of advertisement.

Luckily, the neon trend has come into the home. With light boxes, lettering and neon sculptures lighting up our lives. The neon trend actually takes decor to the next level, any room can look expertly styled with a cleverly placed neon light. Here are some of our favorite ways to embrace the neon lights!


1. Use a word to reflect the room 

@Style Made Simple


The neon trend is all about embracing words. You’ll see neon words that captivate and embrace the ‘theme’ of a room. This beautiful bedroom has a really plush, luxurious feel to it. The pink velvet throw looks classical and vintage, while one simple word ‘amour’ brings modernity to the room. Make sure the word you choose actually helps the room flow.


2. Use neon lights on a features wall



Any plain wall can benefit from a phrase written in neon lights – just make sure you can’t see any wiring. It works best if your wiring is the same color as your wall. This Stay Wild neon sign would look great in any blue themed bedroom. You can actually make words and phrases in neon yourself, check out this tutorial by A Practical Wedding to see how.


3. Let your creativity shine



Electric Confetti makes neon signs to order, so you can think of a great phrase that embodies your home and actually ask them to make it for you. Get your neon in a tone that actually compliments what you already have in your home. Pink lights work well with pink undertones, multi-colored neon looks amazing in a white room, so just use your neon to highlight what you already have!


4. A picture is worth 1000 words

@Urban Outfitters


The only drawback to having a word or phrase up in neon lights in your house is that you might go off it, or grow weary of it after a while. If you’re the kind of person that tends to change their mind quickly, or you can’t settle on just one cool phrase, maybe neon symbols are for you instead. This LED Curved Lip Sign will look cool in a bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. The great thing about symbols is that they speak for every room!


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  • Charmaine Ng

    Omg, I love this! But like you said, I’d want to change the phrase frequently. Maybe I’ll just do my name or something haha.
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    I love this trend!

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