How To Decorate Your Home With Fall’s Hottest Fashion Colors


Ready to up your style stakes and incorporate this season’s hottest fashion colors? It’s not as hard as it seems, actually. We’ve picked the most versatile colors and trends and found the coolest items that embrace them. So you can decorate seasonally in style!

#1 Potter’s Clay

Kara Rosenlund

A warm, super seasonal clay color will make your home feel so much cozier. Just a touch of this warm color in any neutral room will instantly lift it.

This wall tapestry from Urban Outfitters is the perfect way to subtly inject a warm orange hue into a pale or white room. If that’s not your thing, why not use these beautiful warm colored jewelry dishes on any surface to catch your favorite rings.

It’s all about injecting small pops of color, which you can even do with candles. So, if you’re embracing the pumpkin this season, get this Nest Pumpkin Chai Candle – it smells amazing and will help to bring a touch of that seasonal clay color into your home.

#2 Metallics

Fiona Lynch

It’s all about metal this season. From silver boots to metallic pleated skirts, it’s about embracing your shiny side. Bringing this color into the home can be tricky, as you don’t want it to look tacky. Which is why you should set it against a black or wooden background.

A touch of metal on a black mug looks super on-trend, these mugs from H&M are sassy and embrace the metal trend completely. You can also get some metal furniture as a feature piece in your house, try a metallic chair like this metallic pouf and tie it all together with this abstract painting with little splashes of metal.

#3 Emerald

Studio Pepe of Spotti Milano

You’ve probably seen emerald and velvet on the high street at least once. From cold shoulder emerald knit jumpers to velvet green boots. It’s a beautiful rich color to bring into your home, too.

If you need a little lift, try a luxuriously velvet floor pillow. Or accent your walls with this Palm Print from Nordstrom. A hint of green goes really nicely with matching pillows.


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