How To Decorate Your Home Like An Editor For Under $100


I always say think like an editor. When it comes to creating your fall wardrobe, you should think like a fashion editor, when writing think like an editor-in-chief. But how about decorating? We’ve all seen the it-girl editors houses in magazines and on the internet, but how do they do it?

You’d think they all hire specialist designers, but you’d be surprised how much of it is just down to an artistic eye. You have to know how to apply an editorial eye to your own home. The best editors critique what they have and constantly edit, edit, edit. You won’t find them buying naff decorations unless they fit with a theme. That’s why you should absolutely think like an editor if you want a gorgeous home.


Step One: Play with geometry

Photo: Architectural Digest


It’s not about the space, it’s about how you use it. Working with geometry is the first step. Would your room look bigger without the art on the walls? Could you choose more strategic colors? This snap of Giovanna Battaglia’s house shows how she positions her furniture and uses spaces and shapes to really open up the room.

How: Choose key pieces carefully. This Square Splatter Vase from your new favorite decor site, Domino, is only $59.99 and looks much more expensive. Make sure your furniture has a focus point and keep clutter to a minimum. To really embrace this trend, decorate your art with art that plays with lines. This ‘Fragment 2’ Limited Edition Artwork from Minted is only $86 but looks like it could have a couple more zeros stuck on the end.


Step Two: Mix Timeless With Free Time

eva chen


You don’t want your home to be stuffy and rigid, you want it to have some fun, too. Even Lauren Santo Domingo has a room filled with toys, primarily for her husband, but still. Eva Chen, previous editor of Lucky magazine and one of Time’s Influential women knows how to mix work with play. Her office is usually decorated with a mixture of bold, bright colors and patterns but includes some fun and quirky details like the pool toy of the moment, the inflatable swan.

How: This Cinema Light Box from Urban Outfitters is the trending piece on Instagram at the moment. The message can be customized, which makes it a fun addition to any home. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, why not buy your very own inflatable swan and keep it in your office. So you can chill out and visualize being in a pool in Hawaii. Bliss.


Step Three: Layer It Up

The Selby


Sally Singer is the Creative Digital Director of Vogue, so she knows a thing or two about putting together something with style. Her home has little pieces of her family (check the box of toys) and playfulness that pulls the room together, but it’s her statement wall that I’m looking at. Layering art, cushions and rugs is the key to a chic home.

How: This Amethyst Shadow Box might be an investment, but is definitely one to be mixed with other, lower cost portraits and paintings. If you’re more of a cushion girl, layer up a couple of these Brentwood Metro ‘Accent’ Pillows, they’re on sale, this one is only $17.40, so you can mix and match a couple.


Step Four: Don’t Be Afraid Of Patterns

The Selby

Kim Hastreiter is the co-founder and co-editor of Paper mag. She knows her pop culture and knows how to use quirky, statement, controversial and shocking. Luckily, you can play it safe with prints.

How: The ‘Lorne’ rug has a subtle printed pattern on it and looks super expensive, you can get the smallest size for just $16 and layer it up with a couple of other rugs. Or if you’re really brave and want to embrace the print trend, you can mix this Magical Thinking Embroidered Eye Pillow from Urban Outfitters with this Spotted Duvet Cover by Deny Designs. Funky.


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