How To Decorate Your Home With Pantone’s Color Of The Year



Every year Pantone predicts the color that we’re all going to obsess over. This year it was rose gold and serenity, and we saw it everywhere from phone cases to bathroom tiles. Next year, it’s all about greenery.

So if you want to take a leaf (see what I did there) out of the coolest homes of the moment and get ahead of the trend, here are a few clever ways to decorate with a fresh and zesty green!

1. Embrace the green theme



You can pull a room together by using furniture and art of the same color. Pantone’s greenery is a zesty green, but there are other shades of green to use that will compliment each other. In this room, only central pieces of furniture are green. The couch and art pulls the room together even though the carpet and walls are different shades. If you want to bring some green touches, start with a touch of green.

This Urban Outfitters Hanging Palm Art Print is the perfect touch of green for your walls, while you can accent your couches with a couple of pastel green cushions. H&M Dusky Green Seat Cushions are the perfect touch of green that won’t overwhelm a room.


2. Embrace little touches 



If you’re too afraid to completely embrace the green theme, you can make a black and white or neutral room pop with a few green details. Take inspo from this chic bathroom and buy little details in the color of the moment. You can accent your bathroom with these Turkish Green Towels. Or add a subtle yet beautiful touch of green to any room with this storage box accented with Green Agate is the perfect way to embrace next year’s color of the moment without drowning in it.


3. Bring the outdoors in 



You don’t have to bring the paint out, any room can embrace those green hues. Bringing real (or fake) plants into a room adds a touch of green that’ll boost Gold Moon Planter will make any leafy plant look expensive. If you’re worried you can’t deal with a real life plant, this seriously cool Giant Faux Cactus looks real and will bring nature inside.


4. Use art to tie the room together



Whether you’re going to embrace the whole green theme with a green couch, rug, plants, and walls, or you’ve already got your decor themes sorted and want to add a touch of greenery, wall art is the most inexpensive and low effort way to add green to any room.

This ‘I’m Frond Of You’ print from Minted embraces the leaf theme. Or if you prefer a darker, deeper green to accent your walls with, try this gorgeous Emerald Leaf Print.


5. Combine textures and colors



Finally, embracing the green theme in your bedroom is the easiest way to get ahead of this trend. Mixing tones and fabrics in the bedroom adds a luxurious palatial feel, and you can buy a good throw no matter what the decor in your room already is.

This Green Velvet Throw is so on trend, and you can upgrade it with a green Tibetan Wool Pillow.

It’s not hard to add touches of this cool color to your home, a few strategically placed touches and your whole room will be ready for 2017!



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  • Natalie Harney

    I’m all for bringing greenery into the house, whether it’s the colour of the year or not

    – Natalie

  • Mila S

    This reminds me of Chiara Ferragni’s home SO MUCH!😱😍

    x Mila
    ❄️ ❄️

  • hanan abdi

    I am so up for all the greenery it just looks so refreshing the pictures are absolutely slaying :p xx

    A Girl’s Journal

  • Gemma

    Yes!!! I am all up for this!


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