How To Deliver A Presentation That Doesn’t Put Your Audience To Sleep

photo: Chriselle Factor

Imagine you’re delivering a presentation you’ve worked on for months, it’s your best work to date and you see someone falling asleep while you talk.

Nightmare right?

The truth is that unless you find a way to make your ideas captivating, your listeners will not give you the attention your ideas deserve.

So, I’ve collected a few tips to help you deliver a presentation that everyone will be talking about!

#1 Prepare Good Slides
How many times have you sat in a room looking at boring slides? Don’t make the same mistake as they did then! Your slides are as important as your speech so you might want to avoid using huge paragraphs but instead use a good font, less text, and colourful images. Clear and concise is always a winner.

#2 Walk Around
Everyone has a different speaking style but if you are a physically animated speaker then don’t refrain yourself! Use the available room and walk around: it will help you get rid of the stress and will engage your audience.

#3 Learn From The Best
Everyone needs a good example to take inspiration from. Make the most out of the Internet and search for successful and engaging presentations or TED talks. Learn from the best and put their tips into practice!

#4 Let Yourself Go
Finally, the best way to deliver a great presentation is by enjoying it! It might be hard at the beginning but if you learn how to let yourself go you’ll soon realize how engaging your presentation will become. Tell a joke, laugh a little bit and just enjoy!

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  1. These are really good tips! I used to apply them when I was holing presentations myself. Another good tip is to start your presentation with a small, good joke. It will help you relax and will bring the audience closer to you.

    Cristina | *janded

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