How She Did It: Delphine Arnault Executive Vice President Of Louis Vuitton

Some people are born to be successful. Career woman Delphine Arnault is one of those people, as executive vice president of Louis Vuitton (part of the LVMH group), she is one of the most successful women in the world of fashion. Needless to say that this #Girlboss should be an inspiration for all of us. Here are three tips to give our careers a boost, inspired by this wonderful French woman.

1. Remember you can be the boss

She was the first woman who ever has been a member of the board of the LVMH group. Also, she was the youngest person to ever have a position like that. She shows us that women are in control. We don’t need people to boss us around and try to bring us down with things we can’t do. You can prove you’re better than that by always following your dreams and staying focused. Who run the world? Exactly: GIRLS!

2. Always stay open minded for something new

With her important role at LVMH it’s her job to find new talent and discover young creative people to help her grow the business. If we look at her work history we can see that she was always very open-minded. Starting at McKinsey and Company and now being involved in one of the biggest luxury goods conglomerate in Europe.

In your own career, it’s important to keep your eyes open for new ideas and different approaches that might work even better than the current strategy. Try to stay open minded for new and different things. Also never stop learning! If you can learn something new, take that chance!

3. Sometimes family business is best!

Delphine’s father, Bernard Arnault,  is probably the most important (and richest) businessman in France. He is the head of the LVMH group and therefore delighted to hand this precious company over to his daughter. Of course not all of us are born into such a big and successful business, but you can get involved in family business.

Not only is it fun and interesting to see what your family is doing exactly, it also a great way to expand your network. And it helps to stay connected to your family while you’re trying to build a career. So next time your father or mother has a party where they can bring a plus one, go check it out! Maybe you’ll meet some new interesting people and if not at least you can enjoy a great glass of champagne!

By Shelley Beekman

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