4 Ways To Design A Life Changing Morning Routine


Wondering how to design a morning routine? Do you wake up to your alarm, walk into the shower, get ready, grab breakfast, and head out the door? Or have you taken the time to think about how the most important part of your day could be setting yourself up for success (or failure)?

Why should you take a one-size-fits-all approach to mornings? Look at the most successful people; Anna Wintour gets up at 5 AM to play tennis because she wants to. Victoria Beckham’s morning breakfast and workout routine are pretty insane, and the only person who’s telling her to do that is herself. It’s time to build your perfect morning routine in just a few steps, learn to push yourself to have a great morning, and enjoy every alarm!



Just as Beyonce has her workout, Anna Wintour has her tennis, and you have your…what? What is it that you want to wake up and make time for every single day? Your morning is just as important as any other part of the day, are you going to make working out the one thing you do in the morning? There’s a reason that most successful people do this, you know, it allows you to gear yourself up for the day, deal with stress and feel good.

Or are you perhaps more focused on your mindset? If so, you should try to make journaling a part of your morning routine, and include mindfulness or gratitude to get into the right frame of mind. Any habit you decide to try, you should stick with for seven days. It’ll require you to wake up early, so decide beforehand what your morning routine should look like and get up earlier than you have done.

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Like most of your day, you aren’t going to get anywhere if you don’t plan your morning routine and track it. Luckily, depending on your morning activities, you can use a variety of techniques to get it down on paper and plan. If your morning routine requires you to work out, you need a planner like the Fit Is The Sh*t planner to write it down.

If you never write down your intentions or schedule them in, you won’t do it. Committing your goals to paper adds self-accountability, your subconscious mind will start to recognize your plan and then put pressure on you when you’re not working towards it. You can use the Getting Stuff Done planner to keep you on track with other intentions like mindfulness, and health goals, so you’ll never feel unsure of your morning routine.



The whole point of a morning routine is that it elevates you from a mediocre day into a successful one. You can lie in bed and rush out of the door, but the right morning routine should set you up for success. If you’ve seen our How To Plan Like series, you’ll know that most successful and inspiring people have a set plan for every morning, whether it’s checking emails before a run, having breakfast and taking the kids to school before a one-hour workout, or tennis practice before everyone wakes up.

It’s all about pushing yourself to be exceptional. Push yourself to try new things; you’ll be surprised about the confidence and strength it unlocks.



Of course, you’ve got your habit. The one thing you set your alarm for every morning, whether that’s writing a novel, or hitting the pavement. You need to make time for what makes you feel good. At night, make sure your bedroom is dark. Invest in a wake-up light or allow yourself to wake up to the morning light naturally.

You should start the day with a large glass of water and lemon; Vitamin C is best absorbed into your body in the morning, giving you more energy to tackle whatever you’ve set yourself up for. There are some things it’s just healthy to do in the morning. You should try to schedule them in no matter what. Have a carb-free breakfast, unless you’re planning on working out, and try to get some fresh air if you can.

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