How To Detox Your Body In Time For Your Vacation


Detoxing makes your body feel and look amazing. Not only does your skin get clearer, but you’ll feel less bloated and a bit more confident when you hit the beach. My diet has slipped a little recently, and we’re going on vacation next weekend, so I’m ready to detox for the last week and get beach ready in record time.

This is the detox strategy I use if I’ve only got a week or so left before vacation, and it works every single time!

1. Start the day with a detox water

It doesn’t have to be the same old lemon water every morning, but you should start the day by drinking a large glass of warm detox water. Infuse lemon, orange, and kiwi in some water overnight, it’s great for heart health and will give you clear skin, too. Warm water increases your blood circulation, and protects internal organs which is why it’s the best kind of water to drink daily!

2. Do a scrub while you shower

The week before a vacay you want to make sure your skin is soft. Scrubbing in the shower is actually amazing for you, too. The rubbing action boosts circulation and drains your lymph nodes, meaning that more blood flows to the skin. By the time you get on vacation you’ll look the best you ever have because your skin will be bright and glowing, plus draining your lymph nodes beats that puffy look you get in the morning! Win!

3. Swap sugar for cinnamon

If you have a sweet tooth like me, you probably add sugar to most of your drinks. But what if I told you there was an alternative that actually helped you detox? Yep, I’m talking about humble cinnamon. Cinnamon lowers your blood sugar and there is evidence to suggest it reduces the body’s negative responses to high-fat meals. Which is amazing if you’ve not been doing so good in the diet department.

4. Have one cleansing juice a day

Some people take it to the next level and swap one meal a day with a fruit or vegetable juice or smoothie, but I think you can have a ‘cleansing’ juice in addition to what you’re already eating. The perfect cleansing juice contains greens like kale and spinach and ginger, to help your body burn fat and get in tip-top health for the upcoming vacation.

5. Cut some foods

I’d recommend cutting gluten, wheat, and dairy. Plus meat if you fancy it. It’s all about personal taste, though. I personally find that things like bread, pasta, and milk make me feel bloated so I’m careful to cut them out of my diet in the weeks leading up to my vacation. I love eating gigantic salads and drinking infused water. It makes me feel so much more balanced and healthier inside and out.

6. Move every day

This is the most important part of your detox. Move every single day. That means, run, walk, skip, jump, dance, or go to the gym. Don’t expect to go all out, but do enough to break a sweat and get your heart pumping. Not only will this help you look and feel your best before you fly out, but it’ll burn fat fast and make sure you’re doing everything you can to detox your body!


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    great post!
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    inspiring post! I need to drink more water that’s for sure =o)

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    Great post, thanks for the tips!

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    Such helpful tips! Thank you:)

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    Sounds good! I have actually been thinking about a 3-day juice cleanse – as I really feel like my body need it :)

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    love it! I detox next week and will try a cold pressed juice a day!

  • MimaMochi

    I love cinnamon as a herb, and as a student naturopath about to graduate I prescribe it all the time. It is amazing for assisting in regulating blood sugar, and is a great aromatic digestive :) Love your tips and list btw

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